The desire to acquire
and the stresses of successes
Can be makings of a heart attack.
The affliction of addiction,
and the slaving after craving
Show us what it is we truly lack.

All bad stresses and life’s messes,
all your hurries and your worries
Leave down at the cross each day.
Yield your will! Come, heart be still!
In each test you can find rest,
If you’ll listen and obey.

True confessions of obsessions,
facing fears and veils of tears
On to freedom; letting go!
Daily living with forgiving,
in attitude of gratitude,
Helps us to mature and grow.

There’s no gain without some pain;
there’s no life without some strife.
Always God sends what is best!
Turn your face towards His grace;
He’s the One, God’s only Son.
He’s the Rest for all the stressed.

Close your eyes and realize,
a breath of prayer and He is there!
His loving Hand will guide you through!
What joy and peace! Awesome release!
A steadfast mind! Yes, you will find
He makes ALL things good for you.

Karin Ristau©


Oh, yes, I know the intent 
of these interesting sayings, 
but I simply don't want to let them go 
without a comment or two
all in good fun. 

Just found this on Facebook.....

No way I'm going to hold my head up 
when I've got to watch where I walk! 
It's also ok to hang my head when I'm sad!

So thankful I don't have to 
take an unplanned road trip 
- to anyone's funeral - 
or onto roads that are unfamiliar - 
which means planning 
is a wiser choice!

Try everything once?  
Not a chance - if it's illegal, illogical, 
toxic, immoral, or I'm allergic to it!

Color outside the lines? 
Why? Who says I have to?

Fall in love?  
Falling is easy - 
it's the staying power 
of love that's more important.

Embrace change?  
Depends on what change 
I should embrace.
 Change for improvement may be great, 
I'll have to assess that,
but change for change sake 
may be too frivolous for me.

Trust in yourself?  
I can't even believe all I think - 
why would I trust in myself? 
I could be wrong - sometimes!

Do what you love? 
I have many responsibilities; 
I do them faithfully - 
not only those things I love to do.

Dance when everyone is looking? 
Why? I have two left feet!  
I'll jump for joy, but won't dance! 
And even jumping for joy 
got me broken cartilage in my knee!

Eat dessert first - 
I'm not partial to dessert, 
so why eat it at all?

Be nice to everyone? 
I prefer to be honest, upright, 
kind, patient, gentle, genuine,
but sometimes 
what I have to say 
is not perceived as NICE!

I've sent THANK YOU cards - 
but it doesn't have to be CARDS.  
E-mails, phone calls, 
message me, all that works too.

Be the change you wish to see in the world - 
I've been working on that since I was a kid, 
being an influencer!

Have played in the rain -
 but got too chilled and caught a cold.  
Not smart at all!

Break the rules once in awhile - 
ummmm, depends on what rules and 
how often is 'once in awhile'.
 Some are never meant to be broken.

Do random acts of kindness?  
Be kind at all times and 
don't make the acts random, 
but rather intentional.

Forgive even when it's hard - 
Amen to that!

Make time for family - but don't worship them. 
 Also make time for friends 
and a commitment to go 
through challenges of life with them;
be the first to bring them joy,
don't wait for them to initiate;
same goes for friends!

Don't count the minutes - count the laughs? 
Sure don't want to laugh my life away.  
Serious, sad, and even blah minutes all count!

What are some of your retorts 
or thoughts that come to mind
when you read pithy statements like these? 


I’ve seen a shepherd’s compassion 
for one of his little sheep.
As he listened, once more, 
with much patience and care
Hunched down beside her; 
looked into her eyes,
Then touched her arm gently 
and offered a prayer.

I‘ve seen a shepherd’s tenderness 
for one of his little sheep.
As he sang hymns of comfort 
- of God’s amazing grace -
To one at heaven’s gate 
eager to leave this world behind.
Reverently, softly, just one more time, 
he touched this dying face.

I’ve seen a shepherd’s protection 
for one of his little sheep.
As he spoke words of kindness, 
encouragement, hope
To one confused, 
downcast and wounded.
He gave that heart refuge 
and taught it to cope.

I’ve seen a shepherd’s passion 
for all of his precious sheep.
As he led them and fed them 
at lush pastures ~ so green!
Served up Living Water 
to all who were thirsty!
He worked hard without breaks ~
behind the scene.

I want all shepherds 
to never forget that we appreciate
All things we’ve seen (and haven’t seen) 
as for God’s sheep you care.
Just to remind you ~ we do remember
With grateful hearts, 
with genuine love 
and faithfulness in prayer.

May our Great Shepherd 
reward each servant heart
As you make time for ministry 
- everywhere!
May we work together in unity 
~ faithfully
Until we worship with saints 
at His Throne up there!

Karin Ristau



The gorgeous roses, the lilies standing tall,
The lovely canopy of trees
The playful daisies dancing in the breeze
but all she noticed were some weeds.

The peonies had bowed their heavy heads,
The fountain water jets were spraying
The garden beds such bounty were displaying,
But all she noticed were some weeds.

I heard the sweet birds cheerful songs
I watched a squirrel scampering at play,
It was a gorgeous, sunny, summer day,
But all she noticed were some weeds.

My heart rejoiced at God’s Creation!
This garden was a joyful, peaceful place
Spruce trees stood tall, swayed full of grace,
But all she saw were weeds! 

It’s pretty hard to change perception
of those who dwell on negative,
for they have chosen thus to live!
Oh, God, You give what that soul needs!

Thanks for your patience with each bitter heart!
Though none deserve your Light and Love,
Be praised for blessings from above! 
Let kindness drive our faithful deeds!

Karin Ristau


All the trees are dusted

Sugared, crisp and white.

Fence posts look like snow cones;

Candy lane delight!

Dazzling ‘sicles dangle!

Every child’s temptation!

Who of us has never tried

Wonderland’s creations?

Crystal roses on the windows

Sparkling, gleaming, purest joy!

One warm breath; they disappear!

Enchanting every girl and boy!

Forts of snow with ammunition!

How the memories remain!

Lying down to make snow-angels.

Could I live it once again?

Oh, that chisel of the north wind

Carves artistic frozen snow scapes

Razor sharp its curved edges

Cut across the silent lakes.

Cold and hard like diamonds;

Glistening in the brilliant sun!

Winter days! Impressive! Splendid!

But this cold is NO fun.

Karin Ristau


Far as the straining eye could hope to see
Poppies!! Such delicate and filmy blooms!
A sea of red - just as the pulsing blood
That coursed the veins of soldiers, now in tombs.

They died heroically 
to keep our rights and freedoms;
The right to life, to liberty, security.
Their valiant deaths must never be in vain,
Though flawed and blemished our democracy.

Pay tribute to the ranks of soldiers brave
Whose acts, courageous, daring, bold,
Snuffed out their very breath!
Gone was their chance to love, grow old.

Their sacrifice none must forget - 
From seasoned saint to hopeful youth.
We still proclaim what's right, what's wrong.
We must not fear to speak God's truth.

For if we're silenced, then will God our Judge 
Call forth the stones to shout out loud.
Lord, for Your Kingdom too,
May we be willing to endure
And suffer taunts and jeers among the crowd.

Let us stand firm in faith and fortitude.
A sea of red flows from the Cross of Calvary;
For Christ's own blood was sacrificed
to save mankind and set the captive free!

He gives to us eternal life, security, true liberty! 
He is our God - was mortal man - He is our Friend!
The only Perfect One who died to save us all.
Come, let's REMEMBER all, 'til our life's very end.

Karin Ristau


Texting with my daughter who lives way up north - a ten hour drive - too far away just to pop in - I was asking her some goofy questions,  "What was my favourite country song year's ago?" Dumb question when I couldn't remember any of the lyrics or even the artist's name.

Among other things we texted back and forth, I told her that I was trying to distract myself on this Halloween night, as I was missing my hubby so much and needing - wanting a hug!  

"You should go trick or treating...hand out candy door to door -for a hug," she says! 

"Great idea! Up and down all the floors of the Manor - that would be the equivalent of 76 houses!" 

"And if you don't have candy you could give them something else!"  

Just thinking here - what????" 

"Maybe something from your pantry, you know - toilet paper, Keurig pods. You could put stuff in a hamper and let them pick!" 

"Running low on TP, but what a great idea!"  

"You should do that next year; I bet the residents miss having trick or treaters ---- or maybe not!"  

"I could still go out and buy some stuff -- but I don't want to go out anymore."

Then it hit me!

So, here's my version of Trick or Treat!  

It's called Bring & Bless! 

I used hubby's walker which I still have!

Just a few residents weren't home; one or two didn't answer their door. WE had so much fun!  I got to know two new neighbours - one was just moving in, another had only been here two or three weeks!  Some wondered why I wasn't wearing a costume - and I told them that I thought my face alone was 'frightening' enough!!!!!  One wanted to pull out her wallet and buy some of my stuff!! So much teasing and joking going on! I had a fabulous and rewarding 2 hours going 'house to house'! 

When I came back to my apartment, there were only a few ginger ales left, but the stash of blessings that was returned to me was abundant!  I picked up smiles, hearty laughter, over 50 hugs & kisses, warm handshakes, pats on the shoulder, a river of
 good will, a fountain of joy, and an ocean of love! People shared some of their poignant memories, 2 insisted that I take some of their chocolate - YUM!! 
I've added considerably to my 

God is good! 
It's true what the Lord Jesus himself said, 
'it is more blessed to give than to receive.'