All the trees are dusted

Sugared, crisp and white.

Fence posts look like snow cones;

Candy lane delight!

Dazzling ‘sicles dangle!

Every child’s temptation!

Who of us has never tried

Wonderland’s creations?

Crystal roses on the windows

Sparkling, gleaming, purest joy!

One warm breath; they disappear!

Enchanting every girl and boy!

Forts of snow with ammunition!

How the memories remain!

Lying down to make snow-angels.

Could I live it once again?

Oh, that chisel of the north wind

Carves artistic frozen snow scapes

Razor sharp its curved edges

Cut across the silent lakes.

Cold and hard like diamonds;

Glistening in the brilliant sun!

Winter days! Impressive! Splendid!

But this cold is NO fun.

Karin Ristau


Ruth Hiebert said...

I love that poem. I also agree.So much beauty,but could we not get that with a little less cold..

Wendy said...

Hey Karin - so glad to you're back! Lovely poem and yes we're in full-blown winter!! Brrrrr.

Mari said...

It's great to see a post Karin. It's a beautiful poem!

Anonymous said...

Lots of snow on the tree and around them...

Aritha said...

NICE poem!