I’ve seen a shepherd’s compassion 
for one of his little sheep.
As he listened, once more, 
with much patience and care
Hunched down beside her; 
looked into her eyes,
Then touched her arm gently 
and offered a prayer.

I‘ve seen a shepherd’s tenderness 
for one of his little sheep.
As he sang hymns of comfort 
- of God’s amazing grace -
To one at heaven’s gate 
eager to leave this world behind.
Reverently, softly, just one more time, 
he touched this dying face.

I’ve seen a shepherd’s protection 
for one of his little sheep.
As he spoke words of kindness, 
encouragement, hope
To one confused, 
downcast and wounded.
He gave that heart refuge 
and taught it to cope.

I’ve seen a shepherd’s passion 
for all of his precious sheep.
As he led them and fed them 
at lush pastures ~ so green!
Served up Living Water 
to all who were thirsty!
He worked hard without breaks ~
behind the scene.

I want all shepherds 
to never forget that we appreciate
All things we’ve seen (and haven’t seen) 
as for God’s sheep you care.
Just to remind you ~ we do remember
With grateful hearts, 
with genuine love 
and faithfulness in prayer.

May our Great Shepherd 
reward each servant heart
As you make time for ministry 
- everywhere!
May we work together in unity 
~ faithfully
Until we worship with saints 
at His Throne up there!

Karin Ristau

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