The desire to acquire
and the stresses of successes
Can be makings of a heart attack.
The affliction of addiction,
and the slaving after craving
Show us what it is we truly lack.

All bad stresses and life’s messes,
all your hurries and your worries
Leave down at the cross each day.
Yield your will! Come, heart be still!
In each test you can find rest,
If you’ll listen and obey.

True confessions of obsessions,
facing fears and veils of tears
On to freedom; letting go!
Daily living with forgiving,
in attitude of gratitude,
Helps us to mature and grow.

There’s no gain without some pain;
there’s no life without some strife.
Always God sends what is best!
Turn your face towards His grace;
He’s the One, God’s only Son.
He’s the Rest for all the stressed.

Close your eyes and realize,
a breath of prayer and He is there!
His loving Hand will guide you through!
What joy and peace! Awesome release!
A steadfast mind! Yes, you will find
He makes ALL things good for you.

Karin Ristau©

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