Oh, yes, I know the intent 
of these interesting sayings, 
but I simply don't want to let them go 
without a comment or two
all in good fun. 

Just found this on Facebook.....

No way I'm going to hold my head up 
when I've got to watch where I walk! 
It's also ok to hang my head when I'm sad!

So thankful I don't have to 
take an unplanned road trip 
- to anyone's funeral - 
or onto roads that are unfamiliar - 
which means planning 
is a wiser choice!

Try everything once?  
Not a chance - if it's illegal, illogical, 
toxic, immoral, or I'm allergic to it!

Color outside the lines? 
Why? Who says I have to?

Fall in love?  
Falling is easy - 
it's the staying power 
of love that's more important.

Embrace change?  
Depends on what change 
I should embrace.
 Change for improvement may be great, 
I'll have to assess that,
but change for change sake 
may be too frivolous for me.

Trust in yourself?  
I can't even believe all I think - 
why would I trust in myself? 
I could be wrong - sometimes!

Do what you love? 
I have many responsibilities; 
I do them faithfully - 
not only those things I love to do.

Dance when everyone is looking? 
Why? I have two left feet!  
I'll jump for joy, but won't dance! 
And even jumping for joy 
got me broken cartilage in my knee!

Eat dessert first - 
I'm not partial to dessert, 
so why eat it at all?

Be nice to everyone? 
I prefer to be honest, upright, 
kind, patient, gentle, genuine,
but sometimes 
what I have to say 
is not perceived as NICE!

I've sent THANK YOU cards - 
but it doesn't have to be CARDS.  
E-mails, phone calls, 
message me, all that works too.

Be the change you wish to see in the world - 
I've been working on that since I was a kid, 
being an influencer!

Have played in the rain -
 but got too chilled and caught a cold.  
Not smart at all!

Break the rules once in awhile - 
ummmm, depends on what rules and 
how often is 'once in awhile'.
 Some are never meant to be broken.

Do random acts of kindess?  
Be kind at all times and 
don't make the acts random, 
but rather intentional.

Forgive even when it's hard - 
Amen to that!

Make time for family - but don't worship them. 
 Also make time for friends 
and a commitment to go 
through challenges of life with them;
be the first to bring them joy,
don't wait for them to initiate;
same goes for friends!

Don't count the minutes - count the laughs? 
Sure don't want to laugh my life away.  
Serious, sad, and even blah minutes all count!

What are some of your retorts 
or thoughts that come to mind
when you read pithy statements like these? 

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