The gorgeous roses, the lilies standing tall,
The lovely canopy of trees
The playful daisies dancing in the breeze
but all she noticed were some weeds.

The peonies had bowed their heavy heads,
The fountain water jets were spraying
The garden beds such bounty were displaying,
But all she noticed were some weeds.

I heard the sweet birds cheerful songs
I watched a squirrel scampering at play,
It was a gorgeous, sunny, summer day,
But all she noticed were some weeds.

My heart rejoiced at God’s Creation!
This garden was a joyful, peaceful place
Spruce trees stood tall, swayed full of grace,
But all she saw were weeds! 

It’s pretty hard to change perception
of those who dwell on negative,
for they have chosen thus to live!
Oh, God, You give what that soul needs!

Thanks for your patience with each bitter heart!
Though none deserve your Light and Love,
Be praised for blessings from above! 
Let kindness drive our faithful deeds!

Karin Ristau

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