Do you know
God makes the snow
All things that grow
Though this blanket
Huge and white
Keeps the process
Out of sight
With the promise
Every year
Spring will
Make it disappear?


Bernie said...

I have yet to have any sprouts come through Karin, but I know they will soon.......:-) Hugs

George said...

What a wonderful description of one of the benefits of snow.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Ah yes,those new spring shoots are so welcome.We have just a couple of Crocuses just poking their heads through.

Louise | Italy said...

It's nice to see snow as a blessing rather than a curse! Beautiful crocus shot! Happy Sunday, Karin.

Karabeth said...

We had a solid month of snow on the ground and it was a foot deep. I know that probably doesn't sound like much to a Canadian, but to us in the Ohio River valley it is a strange occurence! I read somewhere years ago that snow is the poor man's fertilizer. It was a good year here for fertilizer. :)

Our spring flower bulbs are getting ready to bloom and the warmer weather is a tonic to the soul.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wonderful Karin... George always says that snow protects many of the tender spring plants. It's the FROST that does the damage. Love your little poem.... Snow in winter; Flowers in Spring; Life is good.


Karin said...

Don't know what I did wrong in moderating the comments, but I lost two encouraging comments. Of course, I read them and was blessed, but have now lost the link to a new blogger.
It's happened to me twice before with two anonymous comments.

Blessings! God knows who you are!