On our life’s journey – there are many pathways.
Each different pathway has it’s own goal.
But our life’s journey does not go on forever
“What’s after this life?”, asks many a soul.

God offers you a place,
where sorrows He’ll erase
where tears will never flow
like they did below.
Look to the ends of earth,
past the moon and each star
There is His Dwelling place
which by Faith is never far!

In our life’s journey – on those many pathways -
we’re given choices each brand new day.
The Cross of Calv’ry is the path of Salvation;
Oh, chose to follow – The Light and The Way.

God sent from heaven’s throne
His Son, His very own
to give eternal life
to all who believe;
sealed in the Book of Life
by the blood of the Lamb;
to live in Paradise
with our God, the Great I AM!

After life’s journey – we will rest from labor
and worship Jesus, His Majesty
The great Redeemer, King of Kings, our Creator,
We’ll live with Him in Eter-nity!

Beyond the highest stars
from pain and sorrows far
will be our dwelling place
a new earth and heav'n
Amazing Grace and Love!
Won’t you come and receive?
He gives the gift of Faith
to each one who will believe!

Karin Ristau ©

With a few minor changes to accommodate the English words, 
this poem can be sung to the melody in the video.


Mari said...

God's given you a real talent for writing and I really like how you use it to glorify Him!

Betsy Adams said...

Excellent, Karin. You have so so so much talent. We do walk many pathways in our lives... Some choices we make are good ones and some are not so good...BUT--with God in our lives, we can make it UP and DOWN in life --no matter what the decisions are... Thanks be to God for being with us all of the way!!!!


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful and reassuring words, Karin. Love you.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

What a wonderful future we have to look forward to! This makes it a little easier to deal with the difficulties here on earth. Have a blessed week.

George said...

Thank you for sharing the beautiful poem, wise words, and video with us.

Ginny said...

How wonderful! And your words are uplifting and beautiful.

ellen b. said...

Lovely Karin. God bless you dearly as you continue your journey...

Beck's Bulletin said...

I've been missing your blog posts! Really enjoyed both your poem but also the original...German is my heart language and I see that when I listen to a song like this in German. It tugs at places that I don't even know exist most of the time. :-) Thanks for sharing!

Shug said...

A beautiful talent you have been blessed with...your writings are wonderful words full of expression...Been thinking of you and your family..

Betty W said...

Danke Karin! Du hast mich gesegnet mit diesem Lieb heute. Hab ich gebraucht!!


One simple word comes to mind after reading this Karin...beautiful!!

Anneliese said...

This kind of music takes me to my childhood home! Sometimes I think German is still my heart language...
Weit ueberm Sternenzelt is die Heimat das mein Glaube hat erkannt.
So beautifully expressed!
My German is limited enough not to come up with the words, but still able to undertand the meaning and beauty!