Here's an excerpt from Anneliese's blog)
"To go with our practice 
of giving thanks for the food before eating, 
Papa loves getting the little ones 
to fold their hands 
and thank for the food. 
On Saturday he was asking Koen, 
who is barely two now, 
to repeat after him. 
So this is what we listened to . . .

Papa: Dear Jesus . . .
Koen: Dear Jesus.....
Papa: thank you . . .
Koen: you're welcome!" 

I LOVE that prayer! 
 Before we can even think of 
how to start on our long list of 'thank yous', 
before we even have time to truly
'count all our blessings', 
which would take time and eternity, 
before we can even utter over our lips
the words of thanks 
percolating in the depth of our heart,
God, our awesome heavenly Father,
joyfully says, 
"You're welcome!" 
Out of the mouth of babes!


Mari said...

I love that! Great lesson for all of us from children.

Anonymous said...

I love this post!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Wonderful thoughts. I am praying that the season of thanksgiving will not end with the end of the day,but carry on all year.

Valerie @ Intelligent Expressions said...

Beautiful and oh so precious! Thank you for that this morning. BTW just wanted to let you know that I have deactivated my facebook account for a bit.

Betsy Adams said...

YES---Out of the mouths of babes!!!!! LOVE it.... Made me smile!

Cold here this week... We've had a fire in the fireplace all week... LOVE it.

George said...

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Anonymous said...

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