The old fountain with the bridge over it - has been demolished.
It had seen better days
and served us well. 
Now, wood was rotting
and it was not safe for wheelchair crossings.
If the old fountain could have talked........
it would have thanked the two Freds
for cleaning it every spring....
it kept the secret of lover's conversations
sitting on the nearby swing...
it delighted in grandchildren's laughter
who came to visit their loved ones.....
it thanked the trees for gently covering it
with their leaves for the winter rest......
it did occasionally get green with....algae
sometimes its pipes needed extra cleaning.....
it wasn't too thrilled that boys will be boys
and some did take a quick tinkle when they thought
no one was looking and nature called!

I watched from the 4th story balcony
as the old was demolished to make way for the new
I took a few snapshots!
Our apartment doesn't face this garden;
we're on the opposite side facing the park.

The rains would fill this again and again 
and workers couldn't get at it until it had dried out.

You can see the green hose to drain
what had become a pond.

 Finally, it could be prepped with re-bar for the big job
of pouring concrete!

 It was fun to watch how it was done!
The huge concrete truck could not get into the garden
and this little vehicle brought in one small load
after another.

 Wow - that's back breaking work.

 Finished? No, there's still the fountain to come!

It's done! A good hose down and it's perfect!
Hope no one forgets to drain the water
out of the fountain before the big frost hits!


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

The end result looks very attractive. i bet the birds will enjoy that fountain next summer.

Shug said...

Enjoyed the step by step photos. How interesting. I know that many people will enjoy the fountain...Sometimes we take for granted the beauty that surrounds us, without giving any thought to the hard labor it took to bring us such joy...
Blessings Karin

Anonymous said...

I love this post, Karin. We often overlook the simple beauty of a fountain. I can close my eyes and imagine the sound of the water and the birds chattering nearby. Looks like a beautiful setting and I know it will be enjoyed by many. Blessings to you both this weekend.

Valerie said...

very nice - and I loved your description of all who shared it's joy.

Mari said...

I can see that enjoyed watching this progress. It's a beautiful spot, that will be enjoyed by many!

Gram said...

It's wonderful when something battered and dangerous is made fresh and new again! I hope you and your hubby get to enjoy many happy hours in that garden around that fountain.

(The flowers in the window where you took the pictures were beautiful, too.)

ellen b. said...

Very nice result from all that work! Looks like it will be an easy space to navigate with a wheelchair...

Betty WSch. said...

Looks like a great space to spend some warm afternoons.

Karen said...

Beautiful view!

Marlene said...

What a nice story. I like the new one, but the old one just touches me more.

Betsy Adams said...

Hi Karin, I'm trying to catch up on blog posts... Yours is GREAT... I love seeing how they changed that old fountain into the new one. VERY nice...

Shame on those little boys--but since I raised 3 boys, I will also say that "Boys will be boys".... ha



Lots of work...and a beautiful project.

By the way, I LOVE Halloween, and the 'creepy' is the best part for me. LOL

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

May the new fountain have many of its own tales to tell as the years go by.