This is the place we are moving into at the end of the month! 
So thankful that both these dead birch have been removed!
Hope you're smiling; yup, that's my weird sense of humor!
When I was a manager of this manor 
and another one a ten minute drive away,
I sent the request that these trees be chopped down, 
as they had been dead for several years.
Every time I visited mom and dad
or came to work next door,
I had to look at these
beautiful logs for someone's fireplace
still standing,
firmly planted in the ground.
Finally, this spring they were removed! 
Some things do take a while to get done
and I suppose five years was not too long to wait!
I won't have to look at them when I move in!!
I'm so happy 
and thankful - God was teaching me patience!


Mari said...

I like your weird sense of humor! Glad they are finally removed!

Anonymous said...

Wonder what took so long!!!!!

Looks like a beautiful place with good views!

Ginny said...

This is a very nice looking place!

Marg said...

You are always counting your blessings and that what brings people together. Even thought we endure difficult times, its' so good when we can see the bright side of things.
What are you going to do in there?
I've never thought of down-sizing...but you will find more time for writing and posting and blogging and just loving life.
We'll wait to hear about your new adventure.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Karin, I think you all are definitely doing the right thing... May God Bless You BOTH --as you go through the move itself...


HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Better late than never....but five years seems like a long time. Now I'm wondering just what the penalty would be if we were to go in there and chop 'em down by ourselves long ago. lol

Velvet Over Steel said...

Very nice place and I believe you'll be very happy there!! It looks just like where our great-aunt lives in up in Michigan. She loves it there too!!

Prayers for a safe and stress free move, Karin!!


Shug said...

Thank goodness for patience...I too would have been wanting them cut down. That's just the way I am...
Blessings on the move..

George said...

I, too, have problems with God's lessons in patience. You are moving to a beautiful place. I hope the move goes well.