from Funk's Toyota, Steinbach, MB

The van is packed.
The small bookshelf we're taking along 
has the back seat all to itself.
Yes, the seat belts are fastened around it
and for extra cushioning
we've got those floor
mattresses that we use when 
the kids come to sleep over,
 tucked right behind the front seat.
The trunk space is full of other 'stuff'
for our daughter's family
and now only has enough room
for our personal luggage which
we'll put there in the morning.
We're planning to leave at 7:00 a.m.
It's a long day's drive
and we'd like to leave the city
behind before the morning rush.
It's all gassed up and ready to roll!
Thankful for reliable transportation.
As the Lord brings us to mind
please pray for traveling mercies
and good weather!
Can't wait to hug them all! 
Thank you Lord!


Mari said...

Praying for a safe, fun, memory making time!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Safe travels and have a wonderful family time at Thanksgiving.

Ginny said...

I will pray for safe travel for you!

ellen b. said...

God Speed! God bless your time together in Thanksgiving!

Linda said...

Have a safe trip...and have fun!

Love, Linda

NCmountainwoman said...

Prayers for a safe uneventful trip. Godspeed, good blogger buddy.