So thankful for God's awesome creation
Love the beautiful colors of fall
the cooler nights
the geese honking overhead
preparing for their journey south
the warm rays of the sun
caressing my face
the rustling of the leaves
watching kids playing in them
remembering days of childhood
the playfulness of the wind
and the harvest swaying and dancing
the early morning fog
moisturizing the skin
and so much more 
one could go on 
and on 
and on!
Counting my blessings!


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful, Karin. I am thoroughly enjoying these Autumn days and the beauty of God's creation.

Mari said...

God shows us a different type of beauty in each season - so many things to be thankful for!

pam said...

I have never really thought I had a favorite season but glory I do love the colors of Fall. We are just beginning to see some changing color on the trees. Hope you're having a grand week with Him Karin....blessings!

ellen b. said...

Name them one by one! We have a lot of blessings for sure...

Jedidja said...

Super blog, I like it. Here it's also fall, Last night I heard geese. It's such a special sound!

About magnesium: 300 mg!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Count your many blessings,name them one by one. Now that would take care of my spare time.

Ginny said...

Great fall images! And I love your poem of the thoughts on fall and things to be thankful for. I always love the honking geese, we get them almost every night! You have both been in my prayers as of late.

NCmountainwoman said...

This September was such a wonderful month. I'm counting blessings here as well.

Glenda said...

So much to be thankful for here, too! "He has done great things. . ."!