We haven't taken a whole family photo 
since this one was taken over four years ago! 
Meanwhile, little Aidan joined us three years ago 
and Oma Laser went to be with the Lord, a year and a half ago. 
You can imagine that the adults haven't changed that much, 
but the children certainly have!
I love our family! 
I'm thankful for each one. 
Our oldest and our youngest live in town with their families. 
Our middle one and family lives a ten hour drive north of us!  
Hubby and I and our son with his family 
plan to head up there this week-end 
to spend our Thanksgiving together. 
Looking forward to a time of rejoicing, 
cheerful chats, 
cousin commotion,
fabulous food, 
and thankful hearts!

Maybe Evi or I will take some family photos -
if we don't forget!


Linda said...

Hi Karin...I want to thank you for being my blog friend. I am thankful for YOU! For your wonderful writings and your beautiful poems...and all of your sweet comments that you leave for me. You are one sweet lady!

I never heard of anyone doing Thanksgiving in October...but hey...whatever works right? (:>) It is really hard to work with everyones busy schedules and I do know that! So...Happy weekend. Have a safe trip.

I know that kids do change a lot in a year...and I am always wanting updated pictures of our grandkids...but it doesn't happen very often either. So...take lots of pictures next weekend! (:>) I know we Grandmas treasure them!

Betty said...

You are blessed with a beautiful family!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I hope your Thanksgiving turns out to be most wonderful.

Wendy said...

What a beautiful family photo. You are truly blessed! And have plenty to be thankful for.