A warmer week-end – a welcome break from the deep freeze! 
Yesterdays temp was a few degrees in the plus 
and we had snowmelt on the streets.

Loved the warmth and brilliance of the sun yesterday 
and hope for more of the same today. 
She should be rising in another hour!

Enjoy watching the phases of the moon
– it’s outside my living room window every morning 
and it is traveling higher in the sky - 
just a few clouds hiding it occasionally!

A supper date with my cousin and hubby – 
great to reminisce and get caught up – 
hadn’t seen each other since just before Christmas! 
Please pray for F. as he faces surgery on January 31.

God’s provision of our daily needs! 
Please pray for jobs for our son and his wife – 
lots of resumes have been sent out but responses have been slow.

Medications that are helping our daughter-in-law, 
who has ankylosing spondylitis, 
cope much better with her pain. 
Thank you Lord!

Walking hand-in-hand with hubby wherever we go!

The Lord’s grace and mercy, which is new every morning!

Hymns, like How Great Thou Art, that echo in my heart so often!

Learning more about prayer. 


pam said...

How Great Thou Art just stuns me with awe every time I think about it....and it comes to mind a lot. Hand in hand with your husband...LOVE that. Agreeing with you for jobs for your son and his wife...we so know that world.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

How Great Thou Art has always been one of my fav's too, Karin.... Glad your weather is a little better. Ours is too --right now...

How are your son and family doing since they moved back up there near you???

Doris Sturm said...

I'm a big cry-baby anymore and there's no hymn or church service where I don't's all too awesome to comprehend.

Yes, the weather's been nice - sunshine during the day, but still a bit frosty at night - perfect! Wish it would stay this way all year. NO BUGS!!!!

ellen b. said...

Lovely. Glad the sun shined on you. Love the image I have in my head of you and hubby walking hand in hand...

Ginny said...

I've not heard of your DIL's condition, but am glad to hear the midicines are helping. Did I know who F is, your cousin maybe? The jobs are for your family who just moved here, right? I will be praying for all of these.

Mari said...

Great list today! That is one of my favorite hymns.

Jan said...

The hair stands up on the back of my neck when my hubby sings How Great Thou Art, and we sing it often at the Aged Homes. I was so blessed when a Sudanese staff member knew every word.

Wonderful thankful list, Karin.

Blessings, Jan

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I love that song.jake and Steve did a slide show with that song many years ago.Now whenever I sing it I close my eyes and still see those pictures.What a blessing.

George said...

What a wonderful list. I enjoy walking hand-in-hand with my Beautiful Bride wherever we go.

Glenda said...

Thanks for an uplifting post, Karin! I pray that the needs in your family will all be met and that His strength is yours in the waiting time. You are a blessing!

Anonymous said...

May God bless you and your family Karin.

Lady Dorothy said...

Walking hand in hand. Of course. ;-)

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Oh I can understand how you are so very thankful for the weather change. And watching the moon outside your window [I envy you that...we've had cloudy evenings for weeks...but thankfully that keeps the temperatures from a hard freeze]

You're inspirational Karin.

Velvet Over Steel said...

How Great thou Art.. always gives me a feeling of great WARMTH and brings me Up.. no matter what!!!

I saw the Sun the last 2 whole days!!! So happy for that.. my last weekend was 'freezing'.. brrrr

Each day.. is a closer one to Spring and even more Sunshine!! :-)

Coreen xoxoxo

Joy said...

Great list of thanksgiving. How Great Thou Art! One of my all time favorites.
♥ joy