He's King of Kings.

He's Lord of Lord.

He is the Everlasting Father.

He's Prince of Peace,

Our Counselor

He is Almighty God.

He's Bread of Life.

He is the Vine.

He is the pure and living Water.

He is our Shepherd.

He's our Shield.

He's Everlasting Light.

He is our Refuge.

He is our Strength.

He is the wonderful Physician.

He is the Door,

The Truth, the Life,

He is our Loving God.

And yet, He chose the place for hay

On which His infant head to lay.

He chose to live as mortal man,

In love fulfill salvation’s plan.

He chose a tiny little town

Not one of pomp and great renown.

He chose to break this joyful news

First - to some plain folks - herding ewes.

It was to them, despised by peers,

The angel said, “Oh, do not fear!”

Shepherds believed and they obeyed

The best news they had ever heard.

They hurried to the House of Bread

To see the Child in manger laid

Just as they had been told!

They worshiped and adored Him there

Then spread their news through market square

Amazing all who stopped to hear!

Yes, God Himself as man did dwell;

Won victory over death and hell!

How great His love for you and me

To suffer torture, pain, such agony

Spill all His blood on Calvary.

They put Him in a tomb – though not His own.

His work was done; to leave, He rolled away the stone

For tombs can’t hold the Son of God

E’en though He walked this earthly sod.

Yes, He arose triumphantly, 

Went home to His Eternity - 

And now lives LIFE through you and me!

He is the Nazarene

The Carpenter

The Root of Jesse and of David

Yet Savior of the World!

He is Beginning and the End

The First and Last

He is the Holy One!

He is Immanuel

The Living One

He is the Morning Star

Light of the World!


The promised Messiah

The unspeakable gift!

Karin Ristau 


Doris Sturm said...

Have a blessed fourth Advent Sunday. I love your advent "wreath" ensemble...just lovely!

Lady Dorothy said...


(I mentioned liking your advent wreath before, and now seeing it in the second picture, I love it even more!)

Ruth said...

Beautifully said.
I am thankful that He is the everlasting Father,the one who gives eternal life.

pam said...

AMEN....He is EVERYTHING. What a special Advent piece....that is so cool.

Ginny said...

Great poem!! and you managed to get in all of his names!! This would be a good one to memorize!!!

Jane said...

Beautiful words that are so very comforting. Enjoy your Christmas,


Sandy said...

Beautifully expressed, Karin. Thanks for sharing. Time to refill my coffee cup and read it again.

ellen b. said...

Wonderful Karin! I love the name of Jesus!