What if 
some of these Chilean miners had said:

You know, I kind of like it down here
far from the noisy rat race of life.

I've got claustrophobia
and I'm not getting into that rescue cage.

I don't trust that winch
and maybe I'll get stuck in the middle of the ascent.

I've gotten used to this place
and I'm comfortable down here, I don't like change.

I don't need to be rescued;
leave me alone.

and one hundred and one other reasons.

Well, to me that looks like those people
to whom salvation is freely offered,
yet they refuse Christ's sacrifice
for one reason or another.

Thanking the Lord for the miracle of His salvation
for the whole world
and today specifically
for the rescue of the miners in Chile!


Marg said...

Oh...how beautifully written. I read that with all my hearts emotions as I watched the unfolding of those events last night...I will grab a coffee and continue to watch the rescue attempts...

ellen b. said...

Interesting Karin. We do get complacent where we are don't we? It's such a wonderful rescue!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...


Betsy from Tennessee said...

We watched them pull the first guy out last night before going to bed. I haven't watched it this morning --but those men ought to say a HUGE thank you to all of the ones who have worked so hard (building that cage, etc.) so that they could have freedom... I hope they appreciate it... God Be with ALL of them ---and also with those who are rescuing them.

Ginny said...

You are amazing!!! A BIG AMEN to this!!!

Betty said...

I´ve been watching this all afternoon and each rescue brings tears to my eyes. You bring up some very valid points though!

George said...

You've shared a marvelous analogy with us. We should all be at least as grateful to our Lord as those miners are to their rescuers.

Mari said...

Great comparison Karin. That's food for thought!

Glenda said...

And I add a hearty "Amen!!!"

Karabeth Baptist Homeschool said...

How true!

Anonymous said...

oh wow... what a thought provoking post, and a beautiful reflection.

Thanks for stopping by, and for your lovely comment on my story.