31. The change of seasons with the beautiful, warm, muted fall colors

32. The glorious, brilliant sunrise that hubby and I enjoyed together this morning

33. A great night’s sleep in a cool room with the window open for fresh air

34. A soft pillow and comfy bed

35. A hot cup of coffee and breakfast served by a loving husband

36. My cheerful violets who are blooming their heart out right now

37. Our guest speaker’s excellent sermon yesterday on generosity not greed

38. For loving, caring daughters and sons and how beautifully they raise their families, despite the unique challenges each family faces.

39. My faith journey and the people who influence and bless it tremendously

40. For my friend’s successful ‘liberation surgery’ for MS! She has no more headaches, numbness in her fingers and hands, and can now hold a conversation without pain. Praise the Lord!

41. For the youngest grandson who is learning to talk on the phone. He is autistic, lost his vocabulary suddenly at one point, but now is so much improved with proper diet and starting to talk again. To hear him say HI and BYE just thrilled my heart. Woooohoooo!

42. Our prayer group that is resuming this week. We’ll miss one of our dear brothers who went to be with the Lord a couple of weeks ago.

43. For a special friend at work who will receive her 25 year service award this week. We’ve worked 24 of those years together! What a team!

44. For the president of our organization who will receive his 10 year pin. May the Lord give him wisdom, vision, and strength to carry out God’s will for this place.

45. For those who faithfully minister to our seniors every Sunday and Wednesday on rotation. What a joy to work with willing hearts.

Thank you Lord, for saving my soul!
Thank you Lord, for making me whole!
Thank you Lord, for giving to me
Thy great salvation, so full and free!
old chorus from youth group days


Peg said...

Bless you my friend - thanks for the blessing.

ellen b. said...

Wonderful list Karin. You have me singing that wonderful chorus now and it makes me smile :0)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Karin, I love reading your Monday blessings --and it makes me think of blessings of my own. That is so neat about your friend's MS.... I have a good friend who has MS --and struggles with hers also.

Hope you have a blessed day... You are my blessing today.
P.S. Let's not forget to pray for Jake and Ruth.

Glenda said...

We still sing that beautiful praise song now and then. What immeasurable blessings He has lavished upon us!

Your violet is pretty; that's one flower I just can't seem to grow.

Ginny said...

You have made it a blessing filled Monday, for sure!! I did not know there is a surgery for MS! Your African Violet is beautiful, I've heard they are very hard to grow!! Sorry I didn't get back to you about using my picture, I didn't see your question until it was too late. Please feel free to use any of my pictures that you want in the future. And thanks again for your wonderful support of my blog!

Bernie said...

It is my first day back, and how nice to read your just makes being back more real...Hugs

Jane said...

Wonderful thoughts! Just a perfect post for a Monday,


George said...

Isn't it amazing that some of our greatest blessings come from the simple things in life. It's people -- not things that we should treasure.

Doris Sturm said...

Pretty African Violet! I count my blessings every day because it's easy to take life for granted if you don't stop and realize how blessed we truly are!

Karabeth Baptist Homeschool said...

Lovely blessings! God is so-o-o good!

Wendy said...

I will echo George's comment. And I'm so glad to hear your grandson talking on the phone! Autism is a real puzzle, isn't it? I hope he makes good progress.
Love your african violet - my mother grew them on her windowsill. They bring back fond memories.

Marg said...

It's learning to see the simple things...You highlighted many things that I could ditto this week.
It's always a delight to see how God uses you as you write.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Wonderful blessings...on a Monday or a Friday! God is good all the time.

C said...

Is that a song you have there at the end, Karin?? I suppose so, as I do think I remember singing it, as a little one! :)