Bye-bye Benny!  
You are invited 
to Evi's blog  over at Caught up to read her story about Benny. 

He was very fearful of people 

when he was adopted by our daughter Evi and her family.

On one of our visits

  we were thrilled when he warmed up to hubby - 

all because he loved the popcorn hubby was sneaking to him!

We will certainly miss him when we visit! 

The whole family,

especially the responsible caring of our grandson Josh,

gave him the best years of his life

and in return Benny taught us all more

compassion, sympathy, empathy,

love and respect for another one 

of God's beautiful creations.

We will remember him well!


Bernie said...

Sorry for your friends loss, a pet becomes an important part of our families...:-) Hugs

Doris Sturm said...

Oh, that is so sad. I hate saying forever by-bys...what a sweety your doggy friend was and a great teacher as well. God bles him and his family!

Ginny said...

Oh so sorry, he looks so sweet wrapped up in the afghan!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

So sad, Karin... It's difficult to lose a pet... When I lost my Cocker Spaniel (she lived for over 15 yrs)--it took me a long long time to get over her loss.

So sorry about Benny... But Evi and family must have given Benny a fabulous life... That is so special!!!! She will be remembered.


George said...

Benny looks as if he was a very sweet, loving member of the family. I know you all will have great memories of him.

Lisa said...

Oh! Karin, I am so sorry about the lose of your daughter's pup. It's hard losing animals...they become family and sometimes the best of friends.

Much Love, Lisa

Laurie M. said...

Oh, so sad.

I'm sorry you've lost your little bitty blessing. My daughter just adopted our first grand-puppy - a chihuahua too. Our whole family is blessed by Lil Chompy. I hate the thought of missing him.

Jan said...

So sorry to hear that Benny has gone, you will all miss him so much.

Love and Blessings - Jan

reanaclaire said...

i cannot imagine losing Labbie my labrador.. sorry to hear about the loss...

Karin said...

Thank you all for your kind words!

Karin said...

Just realized that I didn't do the link correctly - it's fixed now.

Karabeth Baptist Homeschool said...

I love animals and hate to see them go. I'm sorry for Evi's loss. I know that God has often used my little pets to teach me significant lessons.