Where mom lived so many years
and one of two buildings I managed
before I retired!
Almost 10 years ago the organization where I work
received a grant from the government
and this new facade as well as a dining room/lounge
for each floor was built to enhance the center of the building!

The Honorable Stan Woloshyn
on the dedication of the 
renovations - new dining rooms!


None of us is getting younger

As each new day awakes at dawn.

But just because we are now seniors

Does not mean joy of life is gone!

For those who are still independent,

And healthy, well-to-do and wise,

Retirement spells, “Great adventures!”

But seldom do we realize,

That health and wealth can disappear.

No more can they get all things done.

They come to live at Shepherd’s Care

The best of care in Edmonton!

Oh yes, we have a heart for Seniors!

We plan for everything they need.

And you Sir, Minister of Seniors

Have heart for seniors too, indeed!

Thanks for the dining rooms and lounges;

Where seniors go to have some fun.

Good times with food and fellowship,

A place to meet when chores are done.

Thanks for the funds that were released;

We got the renovations done!

Today’s our way of saying, “Thank you.”

To you and Shepherd’s Care, Seniors are #1.

Our Mission? To celebrate their life!

To God be glory for this caring ministry.

We all just want a home we can afford!

Our final move
will be to heaven’s mansions for eternity.

Karin Ristau 


Bernie said...

What a wonderful poem my friend, I love it. Thank God for good care most seniors receive as well. They are a wealth of information that are so untapped......:-)Hugs

Ginny said...

What a cool poem!!! And I bet the seniors are jumping for joy in their minds about a dining room on each floor!! That would make it so much easier for them. Does that mean a kitchen on each floor, as well? I'm assuming they need to cook on the same floors that they eat on.

Karin said...

Our Food Services Department in the main kitchen, services all the other dining rooms on our campus of care - via hot wagons or refrigerated wagons! Our chefs and their staff do an amazing job. Most of our residents absolutely LOVE the food, but others due to changing taste buds in old age, or no longer being able to cook their own national foods, or illness and swallowing difficulties are understandably not happy with anything. So hard on them and their families. We do try hard to please everyone's palate and also give them what the doctor allows. That's a tall order!

C said...

Hello Karin,

A poem with a touch of humor to it! :)

To celebrate a life- or ten- is such a joyous thing to do!!!!!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Assolutamente d'accordo con lei. Ritengo che questa sia un'ottima idea.
Condivido pienamente il suo punto di vista. Ritengo che questa sia un'ottima idea.

Karabeth Baptist Homeschool said...

Congratulations to the center for the beautiful upgrade! My thanks to the Lord for all the dedicated senior workers for all that they do!

As you say, we can all lose our health and/or wealth at any moment so it is appropriate to be mindful of the dear people who will care for us until the Lord calls each one of us Home!

Laurie M. said...

My husband finally found employment a couple of months ago - in the least expected of all places: an assisted living facility. We never would have considered him working in that capacity, but a lady from our new church, upon getting to know him and seeing how compassionate he is, suggested him to the director of the facility (which is affiliated somehow with the church). Anyway, it's the hardest work he's ever done, on every level, but also the most rewarding.

I am so proud to be married to him. Thanks for devoting years to the care of the elderly!