Hurt people, hurt people. 

Depressed people, depress people. 

Bored people, bore people. 

"Be joyful always; pray continually; 

give thanks in all circumstances, 

for this is GOD'S WILL for you." 

Let's infect others with a 

joyful, prayerful, grateful heart!!


I had the above thoughts on my facebook status.


Here are thoughts our son, Ken, added:

People who are hurt and depressed are afflicted. Our afflictions are from God and we are not always joyful and thankful. Fortunately, the Hebrew Bible provides a voice for those times, voices of lamentation, grieving, anger, and consolation.... How has one verse done so much to obliterate this testimony, creating communities that demand false joy, happy faces, and who ignore the biblical ministry of lament, grief, anger, and consolation? I see no perpetually happy prophets and often hear the voices of conflicted, oppressed, and angry psalmists! Is there a place for the hurt and the depressed and the bored to come and praise God? I am indeed thankful that God wills that I should be joyful; I am also relieved that God doesn't require it of me. Maybe people should take less offense to hurt and depressed people, and commiserate instead of judge or help (with a joyful heart!) instead of criticize. 

 (BTW, just my general thoughts... obviously, Mom, I'm not addressing this to you.)


Jane said...

Wonderful post as always.


ellen b. said...

These thoughts are really making me put my thinking cap on. I think another point to make is that the hurt and the depressed ones shouldn't always trump the joyful one. There's room for both and the conflicted shouldn't always get center stage...Even when you are down and out there is room for you to minister to others...and the joyful one can still grieve with those who grieve...

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Thanks,I will be sharing this with my son.We just had a conversation where this would fit so well.

Ginny said...

Is your son a pastor or deacon? What wise words, I am loving this Yes, yes, and yes!! And your firt thoughts, I never really thought of it that way! But...this bible verse your son is referring to, did I miss it? What is the verse?

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wise words from your son, Karin... I'm sure you are proud of him....

My favorite word is and has been JOY---for a long long time. I try to find JOY in everything I do and everyone I meet... It's not always easy--but i try, God willing.

Thanks for a great post.

George said...

You have a very wise son, and he has a very wise mother. Thanks to both of you.

Bernie said...

May you always have joy in your family and in your life....:-)Hugs

Peg said...

Karin - thank you for this timely reminder - how wonderful is it that we don't always have to 'look' happy to 'be' joyful.

Anonymous said...

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