Flat land - as far as the eye could see
on my way to southern Alberta 
to visit our daughter and family earlier in spring!

Stretched out before you this highway of life

Brings scenic outlooks along the way.

Your eyes on the goal and it’s forward you go

To travel the distance assigned for today.

You may look backwards, but just a brief look,

The mirrors will show just where you have been.

A glance is enough to keep your perspective

Now you’ll be aware of what’s closing in.

There’s been much construction; there’s been death and trauma

As you’ve traveled this long and tortuous road.

But the key to a safe and enjoyable trip

Is to leave the past back there and lighten your load.

You’re responsible now to forge on ahead

Obey all the signs for your safety and good.

No more ‘if only’, you must not go back.

Just please make sure that  you're on the right road.

Karin Ristau

 Thanks Dave - from his visit to TN

Thanks Dave!


ellen b. said...

It's great to be on the right road! Blessings Karin!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Lovely words.

Karen said...

Beautiful verse...only ONE road this is the right one....

Ginny said...

Lovely pictures, all so flat! Yes, God has given us strength for this day, yestarday or tomorrow are too much...one day at a time! The last two pictures look stormy, and so it is with the storms of life! I love the part about making sure you're on the right road. That's the most important of all.

Mari said...

Great pictures for that poem. There is only one way!

Glenda said...

God has gifted you with spiritual insights - and the wonderful ability to express them so beautifully.

Press on toward the goal - we must!!

George said...

I love your poem -- it contains so much wisdom. I also like the pictures you used to illustrate your poem. I think Tennessee does look nice, even in the rain.

C said...

Hey there Karin,

My favorite part is the part is this: "You may look backwards, but just a brief look,

The mirrors will show just where you have been."

...because yes, the mirrors are enough for taking a short glance back. And that's all we need...on our journeys forward. :)


Jane said...

I love your poem - very inspirational!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Where in Tennessee did Dave have rain???? He definitely wasn't near our home... ha

That is FLAT land for sure, Karin... The first time I saw really flat land was when I went with George to northern Indiana... I was amazed at how flat it is.... I've lived near or around mountains most of my life --so flat land is RARE to me.

Have a great weekend. Great poem.

Karabeth Baptist Homeschool said...

When we lived in TN we lived in the flat area directly in the center of the state!

You've written a beautiful poem and it reminded me of how often I look back. I really shouldn't do that. It poisons the present and makes me apprehensive about the future.

Have a blessed weekend!