During our whole year of being engaged, hubby studied very hard and we wrote lots of love letters, which I still have of course! I kept quite busy working for the Pathologist at the Children's Hospital in Winnipeg. We did what we had to do and we were happy!

In my spare time I coordinated all the wedding preparations for our big day on July 2, 1966!  As was done in those days, the bride’s parents paid the bills, except for several expenses that were totally the groom's responsibility.

We had invited around 200 guests - dear family and friends from church and community.  The above is a family photo. The weather on our wedding day was stifling hot and it poured all day, apparently all across the country, according to comments, a dear old friend, Onkel Jonathan Otto made at the ceremonies. We didn't care!!  To us it meant that there would be showers of blessing from above throughout our marriage! Of course, we were right!

We could not take any outdoor photos and therefore had to get all dressed up the following day to take pictures in the beautiful Winnipeg Assiniboine Park.

The long weekend was the only days off we had.  It was busy, busy, busy – but we were married! My uncle had performed the wedding ceremony and an excellent program followed.

There was beautiful music and we received a special edition of a Bible as a gift from our church. Children from the Sunday School class I taught with my friend made special presentations!

So many people participated in this meaningful and fun program - almost a talent show for the youngsters. They had worked so hard and we felt so honored!

The food was catered and very tasty  - at least I hope so - I was too preoccupied with more important things than food! The youth group did the honors of being waiters and waitresses for one of their former youth president's wedding - that would be hubby.  The women's ministry group served coffee and delicious, low-calorie (yeah, right!!)  Torten  and Cakes of all kinds, after the program.

It wasn't just an adult only event - everyone brought their children. In those years the bride and groom still opened all the gifts right after the program for everyone to see and admire.  Corning Ware dishes and crystal vases to last a lifetime! I still have the originals.

The children would crowd around the head table and play with the boxes, the wrapping paper and the ribbons! They were boisterous and  had fun! What a sense of family and belonging we had in that German Baptist Mission Church of Winnipeg! We still enjoy our visits and keeping in touch with loved ones there.

After all the THANK YOU speeches by the parents and the couple, the wedding that started in the early afternoon came to a close. Nobody ran off quickly and everyone helped the family with the clean-up.  Dishes were still done by hand way back then. There was church the next day you know!! I think it was way after midnight by the time all was cleaned up and we finally got home.

Most couples would head off the next day for their honeymoon.  We were different, however. On Tuesday after our wedding, hubby started summer courses at the University of Manitoba for six weeks and I just kept working.  My boss was pleased! At the wedding he had announced that if my parents had more like me, he would hire them on the spot. Wouldn't you know it, he hired my younger sister! I think I still did the honors of training her for my position.

In the middle of August, we did leave on what we considered our honeymoon, a couple of weeks prior to school opening at the Seminary in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Our trip  down on the Greyhound bus was lots of fun.  We took all our belongings in two steamer trunks and several boxes  and suitcases right on the bus with us. Our kids still have the steamer trunks....

We didn’t own a car yet. Why, our parents didn't even own a car yet! Sioux Falls was a lovely, interesting place. ‘Small town living’ was such a treat!  Gorgeous old, old trees, so different from the ones we had in Canada!  A lovely waterfall in the center of town!  A slower pace of life! Life in student housing, long row houses which looked like former army base housing, was a new experience. Great neighbors!

Fun fact - In 1966 a McDonald's hamburger was only 15 cents! 

We had a marvelous time and being married was such a joy. It felt good to leave home and start our own family unit! We made new friends easily and quickly settled into a church family as well.

Seminary started for hubby after the long week-end in September and I took a few babysitting opportunities, just to keep busy, because otherwise I had no visa to work in the States. We went home to be with family for Christmas and the first school year just flew by!

..................more later

MY MEANINGFUL MEMORIES - Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


Mari said...

Happy Anniversary! What fun it's been reading your memories and seeing the pictures. It was a wonderful start to these years together!

ellen b. said...

Oh wow Karin! What great memories of your special day. 44 year anniversary! Congratulations!

Glenda said...

Happy Anniversary, Karin! What beautiful memories of your special day! It's very evident that you and your husband were loved and respected - and I know that's still true! You have some wonderful pics of that happy occasion.

Peg said...

Karin - I've just today discovered your memoirs, and sat down to catch up right from the beginning. What wonderful memories, what a blessed life! Your memoirs remind me so much of the stories I've heard from my aunts who came from Hungary in 1926 and my husband who came from Germany in 1957 at 8 years old - so many similarities to your experiences. Oh, and your picture on post # 6 - it's gorgeous - you're a very handsome couple.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I want to add my wishes for many more years of joy and love for you and your dear husband. May God continue to shower you with blessings.The pictures are wonderful and just like the weddings I remember from back then.Actually,very much like our own wedding,lots of children,family and food.
Happy Anniversary.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Love it, Karin... Thanks so much for sharing your very special wedding day with us... You did have a big and beautiful wedding. I was first married in 1962 and had my first child in '63. SO---I was a little ahead of you!!!!

Love that picture of you all in Winnipeg Assiniboine Park... That is gorgeous!!!!

Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday to celebrate Canada's birthday.


George said...

Happy Anniversary!
I thoroughly enjoyed your memories and the pictures you shared with us.

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary dear Karin and hubby. What a wonderful story. I have been catching up too. I remember you said your husband studied in Louisville at one time. Happy holiday weekend. I was thinking maybe the 'poorhouse' in some areas was called the 'workhouse'. I have been watching a lot of BBC movies and they speak of the 'workhouse' when there is no income coming into a family.

Ann said...

Congrats!!!! What a lovely day, and what great memories.

Those casserole dishes, my were either chipped or burnt.

Karen said...

Let me add my belated anniversary wishes to you and your husband...

I enjoyed reading about your special day....

Karabeth said...

Happy anniversary (a few days late, I know)! July weddings are the best! :)

Jan said...

What a wonderful post, Karin.... Congratulations on your 44th Anniversary and Blessings for many many more years of love and joy together.