The rain that falls on top of the mountain 
does not stay there to nourish the ground.  
From there it flows down into the valley.  
That's where the growth and the fruit is found.  

So it is with God's showers of blessings! 
If you set yourself high, 
up on a mountain, 
much higher than others you know,
you will get wet, you will get rained on 
but you won't grow. 


Glenda said...

God has given you a tremendous talent in expressing great truths in poetry! So much truth in today's post! Thanks for sharing!

Connie Barris said...

you have some incredible words of wisdom... I love about getting rained on...

but also I loved what you said to me about disappointments being God's appointments.. thank you so much...

one more thing,,, your blog name, Yesterday---tomorrow... my dad wrote that on a picture he drew for me before he died.. our hospice group ended up naming our cookbook that.. it holds a beautiful meaning...

thank you so much

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Talk about showers!!!! Tennessee is getting more than its share today... Please pray for those people who are experiencing flooding..

We are on our way to the beach --so we just hope we'll have a home to go back to next Saturday.

BUT--it does take rain to help make the flowers grow... SO--I do know that we need it (just maybe not so much at one time)..

Beautiful picture...Is that gorgeous mountain near you????? WOW!!!!


Doris Sturm said...

Oh, what a beautifully majestic looking mountain. I love the mountains - always have. God sure does do beautiful works!

Marg said...

I love that shot...and your words could not be more suitable.