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Someone once said to me that
‘time will heal everything’.
Well, that’s a crock!!
heals nothing.
does not delete memories.
does not undo mistakes.
does not reduce the pain inflicted.
does not diminish the damage done.
will revisit what has not been resolved
10 years, 
20 years, 
or even 40 years later.
holds still for no one.
But my time is in God’s Hands!

Only an ever-present, loving, caring, kind
and awesomely gracious Heavenly Father
heals the wounded spirit of His precious child,
for time

He makes His presence felt 
through the healing touch of a human hand.
He speaks kind, loving and gracious words
through the mouth of someone who honestly cares.
He shows His good pleasure 
through the eyes of someone 
with a warm, genuine smile.
He affirms the value of His child 
through the heartfelt hug of a friend.
He corrects behavior and 
rebukes error lovingly by speaking truth
through His Word and His willing servants.
He shares the load 
through the prayers of concerned, caring friends.
He never leaves the wounded spirit alone, 
always sending another to walk alongside.
He heals the wounded spirit, 
in His time, 
in His way and for His glory alone.
His divine purpose is achieved 
through the wounds, 
the pain and 
the healing process.
The journey takes a lifetime!

Karin Ristau


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Karin,this is something more people need to hear.Yes,It is only with God's help that wounds will be healed and broken hearts mended.I have experienced this often and recently have become even more aware of it.Have a blessed weekend.

Bernie said...

God's will be done, in God's time for sure......Time does give us the opportunity to make things right, apologize and move forward. Time also allows us to be gentle with ourselves and time to read God's holy word.....the only time we have is what God allows us.
Thank you for the this thought provoking post my dear friend.
.......:-) Hugs

George said...

Thanks for the reminder of what can be if we put our time in God's hands.

Wendy said...

Beautifully said, Karin. I agree.

I do find myself "fighting" time, as in hurrying too much. Why? I need to stop and ask myself why I hurry. Sometimes I have a hate-hate relationship with clocks. If only we had no clocks. Then we'd just do everything by intuition, like the ancients did long, long ago. I know this is off topic, but when you mention Time, this is what comes up for me. So I need to remember that my time is in God's hands. Thank-you!

Solveig said...

What a glorious "time" it is when God speaks to our hearts through others or through His Word. And your point is so important. Time alone isn't the key. He is. Thanks. And thanks for using the word "crock." It grabbed my attention.

Angela said...

Thank you for this great post - good thoughts beautifully expressed.
And thanks too for your recent kind comments on my blog
Lenten Blessings x

Karabeth said...

As a visit to your blog always reminds me, "My time - in God's hands." So glad that it is, too!

Joy said...

Karin thank you for speaking (writing) the truth. I needed to read this. In Him we live and move and have our being.

♥ Joy

Lady Dorothy said...

I'm doing a bit of blog reading tonight trying to catch up with my friends! Very soon after I read this post, I read this: http://melspin.blogspot.com/2010/03/therapy.html
I don't know why I felt to tell you, but I did. :-) Interesting how the same lesson comes to one from different sources.