Photo by  Evi Krahn
You find reminders of God's love everywhere!

       To walk intimately 

and genuinely with Jesus, 

can be in complete silence, 

no words coming from our lips, 

but with a head lifted up in worship, 

with ears intent on listening to His voice, 

with hands open to receive and then give,

with a heart overflowing with His joy, 

and with eyes weeping 

with the knowledge of His wonderful LOVE!!!

Karin Ristau


Anonymous said...

Another beautiful composition Karin. I love to stop by your blog, it is so serene and inspiring. I had not seen that video I had on my post today. I thought perhaps many had.
Thanks for your visits.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Thank-you for the words of inspiration you put out.I trust you are doing well.

Warren Baldwin said...

I like it.

Bernie said...

It is a beautiful journey when one walks with our Father Karin...Hugs

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh ---I love that heart leaf. Yes---your words made me think of one of my favorite songs: "I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked".... Remember that one?


Karabeth said...

Ah! ". . . head lifted up in worship, . . ." I'm convinced that this is the missing ingredient in most Christians' lives today.

Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing this, Karin.

Anonymous said...

What a great poem! I see you wrote it yourself!

C said...

This is beautiful! :)

I think that, also, to be so close to Jesus-- we could be laying in our beds and just look up and out into the dark room and just say... "Daddy..."