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Nothing -- is what I would really deserve.
But He gave me a gift, a marvelous treasure.
He gave me Himself; His very life,
And love, peace and joy in such bountiful measure.

He gave me salvation! A gift so divine!
Eternal life up in heaven’s glory!
A room with a view He‘s designing for me!
Gold, diamonds, and pearls are a part of this story.

He gave me faith that keeps growing each day.
It was fragile and tiny though right at the start.
He gave grace and forgiveness, to keep giving away,
‘cause He knows the very need of my heart.

He gave me family and the dearest of friends.
Through them I have grown and been put to the test.
He gave a hope that I cling to at all times.
But to be loved by Him, now that is the best!

There’s mercy that’s new each day in the morning!
I have His promise, He’ll always be there.
There’s a new song I sing to keep praising His Name!
I gave Him my heart as I knelt there in prayer!

Karin Ristau ©


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful Karin... That baby in the manger has given us SO much!!!!!

Thanks for sharing.

Bernie said...

Another wonderful poem Karin, you are very good at this my friend, thank you for sharing....:-) Hugs

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

He gave so much,and to think that all I have to do is accept it.Thanks for these beautiful words.
Blessings,Ruth ♥

Karabeth said...

"No more night" sounds so good on these long winter nights.

Thanks for sharing another beautiful poem!

C said...

Dear Karin, at the dawn of this new horizon we have in front of us, I want to greet you and wish you all the beautiful things that your soul has to offer to you and to the world and I also wish for you all the blessings you desire, from up above!

May you have a very happy and prosperous New Year!