Having heard numerous stories of spiritual abuse
within the church - by those who left it -
the Lord prompted me to write this poem.
Perhaps it will be of help to someone!
Pass it on!

“What kind of kingdom is this, Lord,
Where soldiers don’t defend their King?”
“Where some just warm their weekly pews
And come for show - to pray and sing?
Where they’re boxed in behind high walls
Of legalism, fear and shame,
Where they waste time in jealousies
In playing Satan’s game?
Where they are fighting one another,
And wound each other in Your Name?
Why not join hands?  Take the offensive!
The world would never be the same!
Do they not know that there’s a war
Just right outside their very gates?
Why have they chosen safe retreat?
Why do they think that Satan waits
With his attacks on weary souls,
Who seek redemption, seek release
From sin’s dark bondage, chains of past?
His fiery darts will just increase!
It’s time for soldiers of the King
To rise in boldness, take a stand!
To proudly follow Christ's commands!
Then HE will heal their land.
You’ve got a voice, use it to speak
Against injustices you see.
You need not conquer the whole world,
Start with your own community.
With certainty and confidence
Address the things that are not right.
In love, respect, and truthfulness
Point others to the Light.
This world is not our final home,
It is a battle zone.
Let’s be real soldiers of OUR KING
Until HE calls us home.

Karin Ristau


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Amen!We are indeed all soldiers for the King.Thanks,Karin.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Yes ---I agree with you and Ruth, Diane. We ARE soldiers of the KING.

Warren Baldwin said...


I have a couple of books about spiritual abuse in church. I'm afraid their are selfish people in church who do use/abuse others for their own gain. But what do they really hope to gain? God has already given us everything we need in Christ. You are right, we need to fight together against the only common enemy we have - the evil one.

George said...

Thanks for a wonderful poem and a needed reminder that we are in fact soldiers of the King.

C said...

I can say that yes, there IS much abuse/taking advantage of others going on amongst people in the is very unfortunate and sad...and it's done a lot by the leaders in the church! I have seen it many times.

Karabeth said...

Yes, it is done by leaders. And sadly, it's done to leaders as well. Many devoted ministers leave the service broken, burned out, and seemingly unloved. We're all soldiers but not everyone is listening to the orders of their King.

Karin said...

Exactly Karabeth! We have several in our own family. The spiritual abuse goes both ways many a time! God knows and HE will judge! It was actually two leaders doing it to each that has my heart broken...they still avoid each other. Thanks all for stopping by!