With thanks to my friend Irene Seaman from Academy Florist
for permission to use this photo of a lovely bouquet!

This is my bouquet to pastors' wives everywhere -
from my observations and comments of her people!
In her own strength she will never live up to this
but she can do all things through Christ Jesus!

Her friendly smile is like a smile from God.
She warmly welcomes all with loving touch.
And though she gives herself away,
She's never short-changed; 
she's been blessed so much.

Her cup, filled with the love 
of her heavenly Father,
Just bubbles over to others in need.
She takes time to talk 
with those who are lonely;
Her open heart shows in every kind deed.

It's easy to love all those who love us,
But she sees deeper and through the facade.
She even keeps loving those 
who have hurt her -
with the same kind of grace 
she's received from her Lord.

She loves her husband, 
an anointed of God.
She's always supportive 
and seeking his good.
She's secure in his love; 
so thankful he's loved
as he cares for the sheep 
as a good shepherd should.

As she serves her family 
and the family of God
She does it with gladness, 
as unto the Lord.
There's many a sacrifice 
she secretly makes,
But great will be her eternal reward.

You are loved and respected 
for just who you are!
Not only because you're our pastor's wife!
I want you to know 
that I'll lift you in prayer
As we're sharing 
this part of our journey in life.

Karin Ristau


Joy said...

As a PK I know your pastor's wife will appreciate your sweet and encouraging words to her.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Beautiful tribute to any pastors wife.hope your day is filled with the Sunshine of God's love.

Karabeth said...

That is beautiful, Karin. Thank you!

George said...

This is a beautiful poem and a wonderful tribute to the wives who are too often taken for ranted by the pastor's flock.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

What a wonderful tribute to all pastor's wives, Karin. It's not always easy being a pastor's wife ---so they (of all people) need kudos and praise. You did GREAT... Thanks so much!!!!!


Anneliese said...

Scripture reminds us to honor those who serve us, and you have done this in the way that you do best. What a beautiful boouquet!

Christina said...

Gorgeous bouquet and your message as always is straight from your heart...sending words of encouragement to all the wives of the pastors out there who serve endlessly to others. I love you sis, blessings to you! Chris

C said...

Not all pastor's wives are like that...but...let us choose to dwell on the positive examples... :)