Words of appreciation flow freely
And deep from within my heart.
There are so many things 
one could mention,
But where, oh where, do I start?

I praise and thank God 
in every remembrance,
For the investment made into my life,
By those who have been 
my faithful shepherd;
Each caring pastor and his loving wife.

That you have spent time 
in His awesome presence,
Shows in each powerful message you bring.
When your heart 
knows His mercy and grace,
It shines through in the way 
that you worship and sing.

What joy it must be 
when the weakest (in your opinion!) of sermons
Has met the need of one wounded soul ~
When the Father in heaven gave it His anointing,
Releasing His Power to make that one whole.

When you’re teaching of kindness, 
of love, of forgiveness
And there’s evidence that you live what you say,
I’m grateful to God for your shining example!
Your faith, like mine, is still growing each day!

Thank you for touching my life with yours!
Countless things that you do I don’t know by far.
What’s really important is God knows them all.
I rejoice and give thanks for just who you are!

Karin Ristau


Unseen Rajasthan said...

Some beautiful words !! Nice post..

C said...

Glad to see and feel that you have had such wonderful experiences with your own Pastor.

Far from my own.


But good for you.


Karin said...

So sad for you C that you've not experienced the heart of The Shepherd in your pastor. I've had many pastors - because of all our moves - and I was blessed each time. I also see all of this in my hubby - who was a pastor and prof, in ministry to many, many folks over the years before he retired! God is good and He is our most perfect Shepherd of our soul!

George said...

What a beautiful tribute to pastors everywhere.