Here's what I came across this morning -
and he'll actually do it for FREE!

Maybe this is where the church needs to be!

I would really love to connect all the lonely
in our nursing home with one another.

Some don't have good family support
because no one lives close.

Others are prisoners
in their self-constructed high walls,

which they have built in their younger years,
brick by brick.

In the course of my visiting, I do ask if folks
want to be introduced to others
for the purpose of building friendships.

You know, just introducing neighbor to neighbor
and let the relationships build on their own.

We provide so many leisure
and spiritual program options

and some folks do dare
to venture out of their loneliness,

but others needs a little encouragement and coaxing.

If you have some time this week,


visit a lonely person!


Karabeth said...

That is such a wonderful opportunity that you've taken upon yourself in introducing lonely people to each other in the hopes of establishing friendships. God bless you for that!

One of the things that my mom and I did Saturday was to go to the nursing home to visit her brother-in-law who was recently moved here from FL by his blood nieces and nephews. The man is all alone. His wife (my mom's sister) died a couple of years ago and they were childless. Now he regrets that decision to remain childless, I think, but he has 6 nieces and nephew by marriage. Three of us were there Saturday and so was my mom. He told us he loves us. He isn't always lucid, but he sure was this weekend! It was such an opportunity to put our faith into action. And one lonely old man was comforted for an hour or so.

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

What a wonderful idea!

Diane said...

Thanks for the reminder. There is a widow I do visit on occasion that I haven't touched base with in a month or so. Good post! :O)

Betty said...

I will take your encouragement to heart. I do it too seldom, visit lonely people. I´m guilty.
Good for you for introducing people and "opening up" their little world.

Anonymous said...

You put the challenge on us. I used to do that a lot and got a little selfish, gotta get going again.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Karin, That's so neat.... I wish my brother was in the nursing home where you work... He desperately needs someone to communicate with him. His 3 kids live far away--and don't see him often. He's basically by himself. It's just so sad. I wish his kids would hire a 'sitter'--just to sit and talk to him. There's so much need for people to talk to the elderly who are alone.

Hope you had a good day... Hopefully, our rains are ending.... I need some sunshine.

Hugs to you, my friend,

C said... he thinking of the lonely...or is he himself lonely??? I do wonder...

Yes, a man like that IS a church.

George said...

You've given us many good ideas to consider and, hopefully, put into action. Now that my parents are home-bound I know they appreciate any opportunity to be with other people.

prashant said...
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Monica @Know-Love-Obey God said...

Thank you for the exhortation. My husband and I would like to do this as a family (we have 3 young sons).

Lady Dorothy said...

That is a classic picture! I don't visit the lonely often enough; I am guilty. But,I am off to the hospital in just a bit. Thanks for the challenge and rebuke!

Unseen Rajasthan said...

I really love such people who are dedicated to Humans !! Great..Hats off..