Thank you Father
for the tiny jewels of joy in our life.
Some may think,
“Oh come now, that was nothing.
Just a drop in the bucket.”
But those dewdrops of joy
become an ocean of delight
Whose waves wash continuously
upon the shore of our spirit.
Consistently reminding us
that you are in control
And everything goes
according to your tides and times.
Your love sweeps over us
and we give ourselves to you
In playful abandon,
marveling at your never-ending
Source of joy and hope and love.


George said...

Thank you for the reminder of the jewls of joy that are all around us if only we will stop to appreciate them. Lovely thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder to be grateful. I try to stay grateful even in times of trials and tribs. I am not always successful. Blessings

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Karin, I love those "Jewels of Joy" thoughts... We do have those little jewels all around us all of the time--if we'd just stop and look... Thanks for the reminder.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Thanks a bunch for these lovely words.Thanks also fro the kind words you left on my blog.

C said...

Thank you, always, for your comments on my writings, which are always appreciated. We have been devastated over here by the fury of typhoon Ondoy. Our flood gates on the cliff where we live were broken by the marikina river below, and we have to sit and wait now for a new typhoon set to hit in 2-3 days. All the people on the other side of the river, they are just all gone right now...its just too devastating...

I like dewdrops of joy that turn into oceans of delight... :)