Didn't know what to write about. The post by
Wendy at Changes with Seasons solved that! She has pics of some gorgeous flowers with some creepy crawlies hiding in between the petals. It just gave me a severe case of shudders as it vividly brought back a memory! A long time ago, we attended a beautiful family camp in Kelowna with our young children! During the week we went to one of the many orchards and Peter picked a peck of plump peaches (sorry, couldn't help myself, lol!) It was a lovely afternoon! Upon returning to our cabin, hubby set the basket of peaches on the table near the crib. We put our toddler down for a short nap and went to sit outside to read a book. After a while, we entered the cabin just in time to see her standing at the railing of the crib. She didn't notice us. We then observed her stretching and reaching into the basket from her crib, with her little pudgy hands grabbing a peach and heartily biting into it! Juicy!! Yum!!!

NO!!! This peach was full of earwigs and with her first bite their banquet inside the peach had been disturbed. They crawled fast and furious around my baby's face! I had never in my life seen these bugs! I freaked out - but that shot of adrenaline brought out my protective mother instinct! I threw that peach away so fast, grabbed my baby girl and managed to flick these awful bugs from her eyes, ears, nose, hair and mouth! I will never forget the panic I was in! Once I assured myself that there were no more creepy crawlies scooting around her face or in her hair, I gave my baby to calm and cool hubby to hold (did he miss the whole thing?) and I flung myself on the bed to fall apart! I think she's scarred for life - still hates bugs! LOL ughhhhh


Anonymous said...

Oh I could hardly stand the picture that came to my mind. We are all so lucky our kids survived the many everyday things we could not protect them from.

Betty said...

I had to check out what earwigs were on google, but then I went "Ewwwwwww"!!
I would have panicked as well!!
No wonder she hates bugs!

Karabeth said...

Grpss! I don't like bugs at all! Are you as scarred for life as she is?

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Ugh Karin, My mother must have done the same thing to me when I was a baby --since I hate BUGS also.

Makes me chill to think about that precious baby with bugs all over her... Yipes!!!!

I read Wendy's blog also.

C said...

oh my god.

the horror! the horror! the horror! the horror!

George said...

I think an experience like that would cause anyone to have a dislike of bugs. It's a good thing you came in when you did.

prashant said...

Makes me chill to think about that precious baby with bugs all over her... Yipes!!!!

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Lady Dorothy said...

Shivers! Did you keep checking her obsessively? I can imagine me doing so. Oh, my!