Artist Gustav Semler,
a dear personal friend long gone to his reward!
Gustav painted many murals at Shepherd's Care -
for many years his place to live and volunteer
and mine to work.


When it’s autumn on the Prairies

All the farmers gather grain.

Yes, the days are getting shorter,

And we hope it doesn’t rain.

Once again the geese fly southward

And the trees turn flaming gold.

When it’s autumn on the prairies

Love like ours is strong and bold.

Golfing days will soon be over.

Students have gone back to school.

We will pick the last few apples,

Some will have to drain their pool.

We will spend the week-ends cycling,

Catch those Indian Summer rays,

We’ll watch golden leaves a-dancing

On those mellow autumn days.

We’ll have special celebrations

For God’s bounty from above.

We’ve a Father who is gracious

Showing us how much we’re loved.

Yes, Thanksgiving Day is coming!

Let us bow our hearts and pray:

“How we thank you Heavenly Father,

For Your blessings everyday.”

Karin Ristau


George said...

Thanks for the beautiful poem and the beautiful picture. We do have so much to be thankful for.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful, Karin. I love this time of year. We do have lots of be thankful for--and we don't celebrate that enough, do we????


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

All praise goes to our Heavenly Father for the bounty and the beauty He gives.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful poem really makes you appreciate fall, there are so many gifts from this time of year. I can feel it in the air and hear it in your words.

Betty said...

Your poem was so perfect! I could actually feel autumn coming.

C said...

And I was born during the Autumn now, wasn't I? :)

Thank you for your birthday wishes. I really appreciate it. :)