Father, I need time alone with You again!

Before the busyness of life

has my thoughts racing,

I will come running into Your outstretched arms.

“Be still and know that I am God,”

You whisper tenderly.

Be - just be! Doing nothing!

It is not a waste of time, but a wait in time!

Still – pure silence. Listening intently!

It is not emptying my mind of noise,

But filling my mind to overflowing

With Your life-giving Word,

Thus displacing empty words of my enemies.

So that any outside noise is not even distracting.

Know – not just mental ascent,

But a without a shadow of doubt knowing

In the inner most parts of my being that

I AM is God, my God, my Father, Who

Loved me yesterday,

Loves me today and will

Love me forever.

That is knowledge too wonderful and complex

For me to grasp!

It humbles me to think that the Creator

Of this vast Universe,

Takes time to be alone with me again!

Thank you Father!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

It is truly amazing, Karin, that God really cares enough about US to spend time with us... I feel so small and such a sinner---and yet God still loves me and spends time JUST with me. Praise Be to God.


Warren Baldwin said...

"It humbles me to think that the Creator Of this vast Universe,
Takes time to be alone with me again!"

Karin, this thought humbles me, too. Sometimes it is almost overwhelming to grasp. We can't get an audience with our Senator or our favorite pro-athlete, but we can sit down with the Lord of all creation. What a powerful thought!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

What a blessing to have a loving Father who wants to fellowship with me.Without Him I could not go on.

Anonymous said...

I liked Warren's comment. Who wants to talk to a celebrity anyway. You probably would hear a bunch of BS. With our God we hear the Truth and how that can change our lives. Blessings

George said...

I also like Warren's comment and I want to thank you for your beautiful words.

Charity Joy Bell Childs said...

"Be still and know that I am God" is something which I held very close to me whilst growing up. I needed it so...I think we always do...to stop thinking about the hows and the buts and the whys and the means...and just know. :)