with permission from Irene Seaman, Academy Florists, Winnipeg, MB!

God made the earth

The flowers and the trees

The streams and the rivers,

That feed the mighty seas;

He made each green valley,

And hill and mountain high,

And then with loving care

He made the stars to light the sky

God made the birds

And gave them songs to sing,

The sunshine and the rainbows

And every lovely thing,

Then from the heart of Heaven,

His Kingdom above

Came God’s Greatest Gift,

The gift of love!

God then made man

Gave him the breath of life.

God saw he was lonely

Then fashioned him a wife!

And God’s plan is perfect!

I know you’ll both agree.

That only through the love of God

There’s love for you and me!

From heaven came

Such love! Your hearts can sing!

The sunshine was made brighter!

What joy your love does bring!

Yes, from the heart of heaven,

The Father of love,

Came God’s awesome gift.

Each other’s love!

Bless them we pray

As husband and as wife.

Oh, Lord may Your Presence!

Give meaning to their life.

And Lord may this couple

Seek You in all they do

Oh, may their joys be

Multiplied as they delight in You!

Lord, grow their love

And give them songs to sing

May sunshine and the rainbows

And every lovely thing

Come from Your heart oh Father,

From Heaven above!

Lord bless now these two

Author of Love.

Karin Ristau


Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely words. How inspiring.

Charity Joy Bell Childs said...

How wonderful for the couple who has received this as a wedding gift from you! :) Bravo! :)

Karin said...

Good to see you both! Thanks for your visit and kind comments. Actually, Charity, these were lyrics I wrote to a melody, which my cousin sang at her son's wedding a number of years ago! She did a beautiful job!