Very interesting post yesterday over at Murphy's Devotions called Hairline Fractures.

I agree with Murphy that hairline fractures in many things like bones, glass, foundations are not desirable; not a good thing! I stopped using my crystal pitcher once it got a hairline crack. I also agree with her that hairline fractures in our wrong belief system are good. Say what?

She writes, "When a person has been the object of ridicule and cruelty, they usually begin to believe they are the problem. They believe they are defective and worthless. Surely their parents would not lie to them or falsely label them?!?! If they are blamed for everything and labeled by the family as the "identified patient." It must be true, right?"

So true and unfortunate that people believe these lies! I've seen when people are labeled, blamed, ridiculed, bullied, abused, etc. that most of them build strong protective walls. Some feel safer, more secure inside those walls.

What they don't realize is,

what keeps others away,

also keeps them locked inside.

I think that getting hairline fractures in this protective wall which people have erected are awesome! It's an honor, in God's timing, to be part of the process!

I totally agree with, "When a wounded person is loved and accepted right where they are and for a long enough time, they begin to develop hairline fractures in their belief system. When they are told good things, truthful things about who they really are (and who they are in Christ), hairline fractures start to appear. If they are affirmed long enough, blessed thoroughly enough, loved well enough, the hairline fractures of a wounded person begin to enlarge and the heavy weight of labels and accusations; blame and misplaced responsibility begin to break off that person. This is a glorious miracle of God."

It's awesome when God sends such a person to do the loving, supporting, encouraging and chiseling away at this mile high protective wall with its wrong beliefs! Here's hoping that in God's timing the hairline fractures develop into a complete break from the former things and demolish this fortress of fear! It's like a beautiful butterfly finally emerging from the cocoon. It's like a diamond being freed, released from the bed of coal, an impenetrable darkness!

Oh, what a job we have to do
to love others enough!

That's what we owe them.

Romans 13: 8 says,

"Let no debt remain outstanding,

except the continuing debt

to love one another,

for he who loves his fellowman

has fulfilled the law."

Sadly, I've heard many say however, even pastors, that some people are just too needy, an endless pit, co-dependent, and so on and so on with the labels. They claim that we shouldn't focus on them lest they drain us dry and we have no energy to save the lost and build His kingdom.

I think that if we allow Christ's love
to flow through us,
there will always be enough for He is Source!
It's not for us to break the walls;
it's just for us to love.
He'll do the breaking to let the Son shine in!

Thanks Murphy for your thought provoking post!


Solveig said...

You've shared much to think about here. We need to allow cracks in our protective armor. Thanks.

McMahon Manifesto said...

Lots of food for thought!

Betty said...

Thanks for sharing this thought provoking post with us. There are really very deep truths you bring up!