Mother's hands are busy every moment
As with love they daily do each task.
As she teaches each one of her children
Gives an answer for each thing they ask.
But the greatest work she does accomplish
When she folds her tired hands in prayer,
Taking time to speak with God, her Father.
He restores her strength, He's always there.

Mother's hands give comfort and assurance,
Lovingly they soothe a feverish brow.
Tender touch will heal a bruise, a sorrow
And the pain just goes away somehow.
But the greatest healing is accomplished,
When she folds expectant hands in prayer,
Brings each little one, to God her Father
Who heals every heartache, wipes each tear.

Mother's hands are also there for others
As she opens wide her arms of love.
Yes, her generous, helping, faithful spirit
Is a special gift from God above.
But the greatest gift she gives to others,
Is to whisper each one's name with care,
To her gracious God and heavenly Father
Who knows every need and answers prayer.

Karin Ristau

Can be sung to the melody of "Day by Day."

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