Think about it!
Is it hard when God tells you (or me),
the one who has been hurt,
criticized or maligned,
to be the first to extend love,
mercy and forgiveness?
Joseph did that with his brothers!
Jesus did!
And he wants us to do it too!
"Bear with each other
and forgive whatever grievances
you may have against one another.
Forgive as the Lord forgave you."
Col. 3:13

The first person to be set free
from the shackles of
rancor, anger and bitterness
will be you!


Becca's Dirt said...

Inspirational. Nice post. Thanks... Becca

George said...

So very true! Thanks for sharing this with us.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

True-True-True, Karin... Thanks again for sharing such a neat, inspirational post.

Have a great day.

Laurie M. said...

It is hard. I don't think I'll ever forget the first time I was called upon to do that. What disturbed me most I think was the realization that a part of me existed that did not want to forgive that person, but to let them stew in their guilt. Not a pretty thing to find in your heart! But God's grace won the day, and that person and I are closer than we probably ever would have been had the offense not occurred.

karin said...

Thank you my dear blog friends for sharing your thoughts. Most things that I write are because I have and/or am struggling with a certain things and the Lord impresses something on my heart that I want to share! Thanks for listening.

Karabeth said...

"Awesome," Karin. :)

Stop on by and pick up an award that I have for you. You deserve it. I love the sentiments expressed in your poetry. I wish I could be so eloquent.

Cairo Typ0 said...

Inspirational as always, Karin. :) Thank you :)