Each mom is a maker of memories
In the life of God's gift, her dear child.
All precious memories she's busy creating
Start with a love that is tender and mild!

Deep affection comes from her caring heart.
A word of encouragement freely said,
A loving, warm touch and a big bear hug,
An approving smile, cannot be misread.

A comforting hand on a feverish brow;
Gently rocking her crying baby to sleep;
Kneeling in prayer for her fam'ly and friends;
Makes meaningful memories.
How treasured! How deep!

Daily she needs new strength from her Father -
to be positive, nurturing, full of mercy and grace.
She should be praised by her husband and children!
That she is loved surely shows on her face!

The myriad memories her love has created
For her children, their friends, in long bygone days,
And the fear of the Lord that she has imparted
Will bless her in old age in untold sweet ways!

Karin Ristau


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

A great poem and tribute to a good mother.My mother has been in Heaven for 17 years and I still miss her alot.Dad joined her in 2001,so now I have more to look forward to in Heaven.

Deborah said...

Beautiful poem!