On Monday, May 15th, 1972 God gave to us our second daughter, a beautiful baby! She was born in Flushing Memorial Hospital, Flushing, NY with Dr. Kiss doing the delivery. What an exciting time in our lives! The wonderful women of the Immanuel Baptist Church, where we were the pastor family, held a surprise baby shower for us. I especially loved that they even had gifts for our 3 year old.
What a generous, thoughtful group.
They are forever in our hearts.

Our daughter is a loving, godly wife, a beautiful, creative, compassionate woman, a skilled teacher's assistant and mother of four of our 9 grandchildren! We love you!
We wish you awesome adventures
with the Lord in the coming year!
Check out her blog at Keeping Up With Yesterday!

(She tells me that access has inadvertently been cut off by Google.
Hopefully it can be restored soon.)


Betty said...

She sounds like a blessing. Will be checking out her blog and wishing her happy birthday!

George said...

Happy Birthday, Evelyn. She sounds like a real blessing, as Betty said.

karin said...

Thanks Betty and George! Yes, she is! We spent time with her last week-end, but I'm going again tomorrow, lol!! It's just an hour and a half drive!

McMahon Manifesto said...

Happy Birthday, Evelyn! What a beautiful daughter you have. So nice that she's close enough to spend some time with.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

What a beautiful daughter you have, Karin. Happy Birthday, Evelyn... My sister-in-law was named Evelyn.

AND---my youngest son was born on May 14, 1971... He's just a year and a day older!!!


karin said...

Happy Birthday to your son Betsy! What a blessing to have children and grandchildren. Leaving soon to go for a visit today!Have a wonderful week-end everyone!

Warren Baldwin said...

Wonderful tribute to your daughter! Well done. Our oldest daughter, Jenny, 20, left today for "the big city" to be youth minister intern for the summer. Our son, Wes, is taking a youth ministry job in Cheyenne, WY. We feel thankful and blessed. I don't know how it feels yet to have those grandchildren, but I do know the good feeling and thankfulness you have when things turn out well for your kids. WB

karin said...

Thanks Warren for your kind words! Children ARE a blessing from the Lord!

Karabeth said...

I'm late, but please convey my birthday wishes to your daughter! I've got three May babies myself.