I live: in the beautiful capital city of Alberta, Canada

I work: as Pastoral Care Assistant in a long-term care centre

I smell: my hand lotion. Pretty!

I listen: to 930 The Light ONLY when I’m driving; to resident's concerns and problems.

I hide: money for a rainy day in my special hiding place

I walk: when the light turns green, lol

I write: on my laptop now – poetry, devotional material, E-mail, correspondence.

I see: people who are lonely; people who need a smile; for miles because I live on the 9th floor!

I sing: in my heart before I fall asleep and I sing alto with friends in ministry to seniors

I can: have a positive attitude even when others have lost theirs; I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I watch: my step – I’m not so sure-footed as when I was young, having had knee surgery.

I daydream: seldom, but when I do, I daydream of what might still come and I also go down memory lane – remembering the good, the bad and the ugly, but without animosity!

I want: to learn to be more compassionate and genuinely caring; take a computer course; to work as long as I can;

I cry: If I’m overwhelmed, sad, frustrated, angry, excited, or even happy! Songs that touch my heart, and soul and spirit also bring tears to my eyes. Also when someone shows me unexpected love I’m moved to tears!

I read: a lot of material on the Internet on a variety of subjects – educational, the Bible, devotionals, on geriatrics, pastoral care, dementia, volunteers, short stories, and BLOGS, etc. etc.

I love: my family, especially my grandangels – all 9 of them!! Second Cup coffee, the ocean, the mountains, flowers, and so much more.

I rode: a bus to work until the last weeks of pregnancy with our youngest.

I sometimes: get too introspective; withdraw from hurtful people.

I fear: rejection by friends – but have learned that it’s not the end of the world if someone doesn’t like me!! God does and that’s all that matters.

I hope: I have a secret hope I cannot share!

I eat: licorice only when we’re travelling on a long trip by car.

I drink: a lot of water, green tea and one to two cups of coffee per day.

I play: peek-a-boo with babies!

I miss: some special friends

I forgive: readily and don’t carry grudges. Can’t stand the heaviness of not forgiving.

I drive: safely and defensively, yet sometimes up to 10 clicks faster than legal and I love long car trips alone sometimes.

I lost: some weight and gained it back again for lack of exercise.

I dream: occasionally with my eyes open – not at night that I recall.

I kiss: hubby every day and he kisses me back.

I hug: freely and generously anyone who wants one, anytime, anywhere!

I have: very special memories of very special people; I have grey hair! The list could get long, lol!

I remember: where I was when Kennedy was shot. Doesn’t everyone who is old enough? I remember that I used to cook and bake a whole lot more than I do now!

I don't: know a lot of things!! I don't know how and when I got so serious about life.

I believe: that you reap what you sow! I’ve reaped some things I’ve sown!

I owe: no one anything except to love them!

I know: I am my Beloved’s and He is mine – His Banner over me is Love!

I hate: filth, dirt, messes. I clean them up if I can and I don’t hate any more. I hate sin in me too! I hate when people read motives into my actions that aren’t there!

I wish: for spring to come soon and stay a little longer than it normally does! I wish all my family lived much closer to our place.

I wear: modest and casual clothes and usually, a smile.

Maybe I should: still take another trip to Europe; lighten up; go shopping; lose a few;

People would say that I'm: hard on myself; kind and thoughtful to others; caring and loyal.

I don't understand: but I trust the Lord’s leading. He will teach me to trust Him more.

Life is full of: surprises, adventures, and learning opportunities.

My past is: part of what shaped me into who I am today.

I get annoyed when: people want to get paid but shirk the work; there are more annoyances, but I don't want to dwell on the negatives.

Parties are: not my cup of tea.

Tomorrow: never comes.

Never in my life have I: been on a cruise, but I would love to take just one.

When I was younger, I: never thought I would have such a full and wonderful life!

When I'm nervous: I blush, I smile more than necessary, I get flustered, and my stomach has butterflies.

When I was 5: I still lived in Germany. I loved my childhood until age 10.

My life is not complete without: my family and friends.

If you visit my hometown: call me, we'll do coffee/lunch or dinner and then we'll hike the River Valley.

The world could do without: wars, poverty and power hungry people.

If I ever go back to school: I'll audit some Bible courses.

And, by the way: you should do this too. I would love to read it.


Evita said...

Hello Karin,

Very nice blog and I love this little Friday Fun! You are a preciously unique and interesting person indeed :)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

How neat, Karin...I like this one and learned so much about you. I truly admire you for keeping such a great attitude when you work around so many sad, ill and heart-broken people. It takes a special gifted person like you to love them NO matter what!!!!

Have a wonderful day and week. I'll post one more time in the morning--but then I'll be gone for about 9 days.


Joy said...

I love getting to know you better.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

That's a wonderful way of introducing yourself.If I ever get to your city I will let you know.Sounds like fun.

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

What fun to get to know you better like this! You sound like a very interesting person. I already know how talented you are from reading your poetry.

Hope you have a great weekend.

God bless you!


Karabeth said...

I feel I get to know more about you all the time, Karin. Thanks for sharing your heart.

I've never been on a cruise either but if I ever go on one I want it to be the Alaska cruise.