One Savior of the World,
two criminals,
Three crosses in a row
Up on a hill called Golgotha,
So many years ago.

One cried, “Forgive them, Father,
They know not what they do.”
He died upon that cruel cross,
FOR SIN. For me. For you.

The other cried, “If you are the Messiah,
Just save yourself and us.”
Deriding Christ, he died IN SIN,
breathing his last upon that cross.

Condemned to suffer justly for his deeds,
With fear of God,
the third one made his final cries,
“Oh, Jesus, please remember me.”
He died TO SIN,
to live with Christ in Paradise.

Karin Ristau


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Karen, How was your trip????

Have your heard Randy Travis's song, "Three Wooden Crosses"? It's SO neat... Go online and listen to it.

Great post.

Joy said...

Have Blessed Easter Karin and Family,


Warren Baldwin said...

Great poem ... good use of the prepositions to show where we stand in response to sin. May use that in a sermon!
(Note: I linked to you from Trey Morgan's site).

karin said...

Hi Betsy - We're still enjoying our visit in PA! We're heading home on Saturday, just in time for Easter Sunday because my sis is coming. I'll check out the song soon! Thanks!

Thanks Joy! You have a wonderful Easter too! He is risen indeed!

Warren - Welcome! Thanks for commenting. Feel free to use the poem and may the Lord receive the honor. Please use the copyright sign if you are printing it in any way. Have a blessed Easter!

George said...

I really like this poem. It does a wonderful job of summing up the meaning of the cross and our response to it.

karin said...

Thanks George for your kind comment.