One day I asked the question, “How does one become a monitor?” Dead silence on the screen. “Oops,” I thought, “did I say something wrong?” After what seemed like a very long time, an official Christian Women Today Director came on. She used the private chat button to talk to me personally. Imagine my surprise when a few minutes into the conversation revealed that we had mutual friends! She had been bridesmaid at my cousin’s wedding! These are real people!

As we got talking I understood completely that this is what the Lord wanted to show me. We were full of excitement at how He had orchestrated this meeting. I was an answer to her prayer for more volunteers. This ministry was an answer to my prayer for something I could do from home because I could not get out as much as before my injury. Later in the day she telephoned with me. We talked for over an hour! She signed me up as a volunteer with Campus Crusade (as it was known then) right away. Reference checks were simply for her files. I was given the assignment to co-host the Tuesday evening topic chats. After just the first few chats I was told that I am a natural! I never would have believed it. Imagine, at my age!

At the end of October I led my first chatter to the Lord. After the topic discussion, the chatter asked to speak to me privately. She still had many questions, most of them having to do with Bible characters who sinned, like King Saul. Is he in heaven? I realized that she wondered if God could forgive her sins. I assured her of God’s love for her. I asked her if she wanted to let go of the life she was leading and invite Christ into her heart. “Yes,” was her excited reply. With great joy she later shared with the others in the chat room, “Ladies, I am so happy, I want to share something with you. I just accepted Jesus into my heart.” You should have seen the “Praise the Lord” and the “Hallelujahs” appear on the screen. I took down her e-mail address and submitted it to the office for further follow-up. There is another team of ladies who will now contact her and mentor her. I am so amazed and praise God for this special joy and will continue to lift her in prayer!

I was in the chat room an hour a week as a volunteer and at other times just as a participant. I’m not one to get addicted to stuff, but someone who is not self-monitored could easily spend too much time on it. I empathize but don’t take on other people’s problems; I know that I can’t fix them. That is the Holy Spirit’s job. I simply bring their concerns to the Lord, provide them with lots of encouragement, challenge them to grow and urge them mature in their faith.

This is a valuable tool for evangelism. Your friend may be open to hear the gospel through this innovative approach. There was even a commitment of 14 weeks whenI was on a teaching team leading the Conversation Peace video series. This technology is not just for the young. Even grandmothers are online and loving it! The benefits to me were beyond words.

So rather than allow myself to indulge in pity parties, which incidentally are no fun, and I am a playful person who loves fun, the Lord re-directed my thoughts and my fingers to a new and exciting outreach. I had even met with the 3 Directors of this Online Ministry from Power to Change in person. We had a workshop out in our town in the fall. One of the other staff on Power to Change lives not far from me and we have enjoyed going out for coffee together! What a blessing!

God is working everywhere;
we just need to join Him there!

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Joy said...

Reading that story of that one soul who came to know Jesus made the internet worth it. I know there are countless others who are hearing of the good news of Jesus.
What an awesome opportunity the Lord has given you to serve Him from your own home and computer.
You are an inspiration.


Karabeth said...

What an amazing ministry! When I first got started blogging I wondered what the Lord could do to use me on this medium. I soon found out. The computer is no longer just for email or word processing.

Thanks for sharing your story of how the Lord still uses computer savvy grandmas and the Internet. :) (That would be me, too, btw. Thought I'd better clarify that for any commenters who follow so they don't think I'm being rude.)

karin said...

Thanks Joy and Karabeth for your visit here today! Since I'm still working a fair amount I find it too hard now to make the volunteer time commitment to the chat ministry, but I'm still on the list to pray for those who do. Perhaps when I am fully retired I'll join them again. It has been wonderfully rewarding!

Grandma online and loving it!!

Lady Dorothy said...

How fantastic a ministry! And how wonderful to lead someone to the Lord online! My husband has done so several times, even while playing Scrabble, of all things! One couple who came to the Lord "through a Scrabble game" are good friends of ours now and have totally changed lives!