For all those who visit here
and are going through difficult crises.....

Though circumstances have me teary,
My heart is sorrowful and weary
I feel such comfort, love and care!
My friends lift me on wings of prayer.

Such perfect peace! From heaven’s throne!
The strength I have is not my own,
I know that I’ve been carried there,
By loved ones on the wings of prayer.

His wind beneath the wings of prayer
Showed me His awesome Presence there!
He gently touched, caressed my face
All tears and sorrow He’ll erase!

He comes with healing in His wings!
My heart rejoices, praises, sings!
Thank you, my Father, that You care!
And that You come on Wings of prayer.

Karin Ristau


Brenda Leyland said...

Hi Karin, My sister sent me your link as she said you were a fellow Albertan. You'd left a message at her site (Page by Page). It's always lovely to 'bump' into bloggers who live closer to home!

I enjoyed browsing through your site and catching glimpses of your own heart journey and your confidence in His Sufficient Grace.

Your poetry reveals the struggles of your heart, and I wanted to share a book that has taken me into a new level of healing and freedom -- where I am finally and truly coming out of the pain of woundedness and into the joy of freedom and wholeness (and much joy).

The book is "Healing the Wounded Heart: Removing Obstacles to Intimacy with God, by Thom Gardner. (Destiny Image)

Some of the obstacles the author explores seem to be themes that you explore in your own poetry (fear, rejection, worthlessness, shame, insecurity, hopelessness...)

There is hope to come out to the other side of woundedness.... in this life, not just the next.... so we can then truly enjoy the abundant life (in our souls and hearts) as well as our spirits.

I bless you....... I'd love to have you come and visit my own site. It's about living a beautiful life.

Joy said...

Karin, Isn't prayer the most amazing thing God gave us. We can do it anytime, anywhere, during any circumstance. Friends and strangers can do it on our behalf and we on their behalf. All these prayers are stored in heaven.
Beautiful poetry,


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Thanks Karin... Since I am grieving my friend's cancer, this poem is very special today. I will copy it and send it to her.


Karabeth said...

Hi Karin,

It's about time for spring, don't you think? I've always loved winter but I'm ready for beautiful birds and flowers now. Nothing like cleaning out the flowerbeds to clean the gloomies from the mind.

Nice to know God is there no matter what the mood and that He's always just a prayer away.