Sometimes we think that the things we face in life are unjust, but we don't remember the injustice Christ suffered for us all. Just some thoughts.....

I stood accused, yet know I didn’t do it.
Now if I had, I would confess, and rightly take the blame.
No matter how much I declared my innocence,
They heaped on me dishonour, humiliating shame.

I cannot feel remorse for what I didn’t do!
They’re free to think what they will choose,
No more will I defend my dignity;
Will not consent to play their game, or I would lose!

God knows my every thought; He knows my heart.
He knows my motivation, my intent;
And when I talked to Him about my plight,
He said, “That is exactly why my Son was sent.

He took upon Himself the sin of the whole world!
Every injustice, every sickness, every pain.
This incident now gives you just a small taste,
Of what He suffered, and He would do it all again.”

We are no better than the ones who cause injustice!
We, too, can’t stand before HIM in our own righteousness.
That’s why a perfect Lamb was crucified on Calvary.
Because no one can stand before a God of Holiness.

Karin Ristau


Karabeth said...

I'm not one who believes in "being fair." I'd be in a dire mess if God held me to that standard. Praise God for mercy.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great Lenten message, Karin. Thanks!

George said...

What a great poem with a message we all need to keep in mind more often than we do.