The nail-scars in His hands and feet
Are there so I can always see
He died upon that cruel cross
To show His love for even me.

I, too, was there with voice of scorn.
And drove the nails in, one by one.
I watched His life-blood soak the ground.
Did not believe this was God’s Son.

But when He cried, “Forgive them Father.”
I saw a love I’d never known.
He took my place upon that cross!
Forgave my sin; called me His own.

Replaced despair with hope eternal!
I’ve been redeemed, I’ve been set free!
Abundant joy, instead of mourning!
I’ll live with Him eternally.

© Karin Ristau


McMahon Manifesto said...

Thanks for blessing us with this. We were having a discussion last week and the topic was "Why Did Jesus have to Die?" Many had a tough time with believing that their sin had put Jesus on the cross. And that we too were there with the voice of scorn and would have done the same as the crowd. Sadly, many who were struggling with this are professing Christians and yet when it comes right down to it, they didn't truly understand that He who knew no sin became sin on our behalf that we might know the righteousness of God. Have a blessed day!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

That is neat, Karin, that you are helping others in a chat group. Some people just need someone to listen to them and they need to talk.

My cousin used to be a moderator or monitor in a Quilt Chat Room.. She loved it. I would do it, but don't have anymore time in my life. I'm on the computer WAY too much anyhow--just blogging, and keeping up with all of the people who comment on my blog. Guess I'll stick to that for now.
P.S. Love your new thumbnail picture.

Karin said...

Thank you ladies for blessing me with your encouraging comments!

George said...

What a wonderful poem. And what wonderful work you are doing in the online chat room. God Bless You.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

A beautiful verse and so true.

Karabeth said...

This is such a wonderful remembrance of what Christ did for us. How appropriate to be reminded as we grow close to Easter.