There is a place upon a hill,
Where stands a rugged trading post.
Here’s where I come each brand new day
To trade for what I need the most.

I bring my sins, receive forgiveness,
I drop my grudges, the whole load,
Here I shed tears of deepest grief
And in their place His love behold.

What joy He gives when I drop pride,
And pick up His humility.
When I let go of angry thoughts,
He fills my life with harmony.

That wrecked relationship I bring,
It’s something He needs to repair.
Here I leave burdens, take His peace.
Dispose of all my sorrows there.

Oh, I invite you! Come to Him!
He offers you great gain, not loss!
Exchange despair for hope eternal!
Leave all your cares down at the Cross!

Karin Ristau ©


Betsy Markman said...

I enjoyed this! Thank you!

Lady Dorothy said...

Greatest exchanges and "deals" anyone could ever make. Thank you, Lord!

McMahon Manifesto said...

Thanks for posting! Our true Burden Bearer.

Danielle&Hannah said...

God is so good to us... His patience and mercy to us in every situation includes His restoring patience... how amazing!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

We do need to lay our cares and worries at the Cross. During Lent is a great time to take that extra time with God.


Charity Childs-Gevero said...

For some reason, your poetry reminds me of Precious know...the Precious Moments dolls... :) :)

They should hire you to work with them for concepts... :)