One joyful life,
Suddenly and unexpectedly,
Faces many challenges, changes and losses,
Perception clouded by pain and grief,
Flashbacks from a deep, dark time,
Cynicism and pessimism shatter her serenity,
Negativity and angry thoughts
go off like a jack-in-the-box,

Oppression too heavy to resolve alone,
Seeking an infusion of hope,
encouragement and direction,

Desperately holding on; clinging.
Some friends feel awkward,
Overwhelmed by the passion and depth of her emotions,
Can’t identify, have pain of their own,
Create cruel boundaries, disheartening distance and withdraw.
Display cold and indifferent objectivity,
Devise labels for her character,
Scratch their heads in spiritual concern,
Take back all their human affection,
Their very friendship,
Their intimacy when most needed.
Rejection increases her pain.
Broken, betrayed and humbled,
She takes refuge at the foot of the cross!
It is Jesus Christ, her Redeemer, her Lord, her Friend,
Who understands her best, as always!
HE lifts the clouds of oppression,
HE replaces wrong perceptions with HIS truth,
HE heals the memories of the flashbacks,
HE restores her inner peace and serenity,
HE guides her thoughts
to think on things honest and noble,

HE reminds her to turn her anger
into renewed energy for good,

HE carries her burdens,
HE infuses her with new hope,
encouragement and direction,

HE holds her hand, never lets her go.
HE acknowledges her deep emotions,
He reminds her that He gave them to her,
HE identifies with her needs,
HE draws closer
in warmth and fellowship through others.

HE stays personally involved,
HE calls her HIS child, removing all former labels,
HE knows she will seek HIM in all her concerns,
HE tells her again of HIS great love for her,
HIS very friendship,
HIS constant presence in times of need.
He forgives her everything
and she extends grace, forgives,
and opens her arms wide for restoration.

She is refreshed and renewed
in her faith, hope and love,

And in strength and joy
she lives and loves again!

What an awesome God and Heavenly Father she has!

Karin Ristau


Joy said...

Great message in this poem. It's that renewing of the mind isn't it. We have to look to God as our source of strength.
Beautifull written.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

During Lent is a perfect time to reflect and renew... Lovely poem. I still think you need to publish a book.


Julie said...

thanks for your poem and your kind truthful words on my blog today! Thanks!!!

lori said...

Karin...what a beautiful poem and WHAT beautiful SNOW pics below...We have friends from Alberta...cold up there, but what beauty!

Yes, I do make those images...thank you for the sweet's just a little "creative outlet" for me!!:)


Cairo Typ0 said...

Another lovely poem, Karin. :)