God sends us cherished and intimate friends,
To walk through our valleys with us.
A kindred spirit knit by HIM to our heart
Someone we know we can trust.

You never need beg this friend for a favor,
You’re never a burden, a problem, or pain.
Whatever needs done, can be worked through.
Willing to sacrifice without personal gain.

You are always defended, if need be, to others,
There’s devotion and loyalty for all to see.
Those who malign or speak ill are rebuked.
There’s no pettiness, envy or jealousy.

You need never explain why you do what you do.
You’ll always be heard when life’s causing you pain
In all situations you can be yourself,
There’s great understanding when you’re hurting again.

There’s mutual love, there’s deep respect
There’s appreciation - that need not be explained.
It’s a gift; a vital part of life’s journey
Through which a needed perspective is gained.

There’s also courage to speak correction,
To help each other mature and to grow.
Where one is weaker, the other is stronger,
But they bring out the best in each other, you know.

When you’re at your lowest, you’re frightened, you’re angry
Words of encouragement freely flow from this friend.
In prayer for each other your lives are enriched.
With Christ at its center, such a friendship won’t end.

Praise God for the friends He has brought into my life.
Each one unique! A shining, gold treasure.
A kindred spirit, however, is amazing and rare.
Its value and worth, only God can measure.

Karin Ristau


Karabeth said...

Friends are definitely the scenic tours on the road of life.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I certainly have met alot of new and very special friends --like you-- since starting my blogging.

Another great poem, Karin.

Charity Childs-Gevero said...

I love this! I really do! :)

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

This is my first visit to your blog.You have a very attreactive site.Love all the Bible verses.Thanks for visiting my blog,I hope you come again.I never realized that there were so many christian bloggers.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Karin, I was going to email you with my response to your question on my blog--and I realized that I don't have your email address. Send it to me (if you want to) at

About the old shows, I guess my area could have been the Beverly Hillbillies... I personally don't have as much of a drawl anymore since I have moved around alot. I have lived in VA, TN, Florida, Louisiana, and Texas. SO--my accent is a mish-mash now!!! ha